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  • Tandem Breastfeeding Photo Shows A Mom Can Do Anything

    “Goddess vibes like no other...I surprise myself in my own ability to adjust and rise to the occasion.”
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
  • Many inspiring stories of amazing breastfeeding women came out in 2016. We had breastfeeding "mermaids," a yoga-while-nursing mom, the struggles of a lactation counselor, and a good number of influential celeb moms like Marian Rivera, Jennica Garcia, Chynna Ortaleza, and Bianca Gonzales openly talking about their breastfeeding journey. What a year for mamas indeed!

    And it looks like 2017 is off to a good start, too, as a photo of a tandem nursing mom has been wowing the breastfeeding community. The mom is celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli (she often does makeup for the Kardashian sisters) who is shown breastfeeding her twin newborns. 

    “Goddess vibes like no other,” says the makeup artist.  “Pulling that inner most deepest strength while you feel as though you have none left to give.”

    No truer words for women who have just given birth. And, can we just say, even after delivering twin boys, she looks absolutely fabulous in the black and white photo which, as of writing, has over 82K likes.

    In the photo, the twins are latched to her breasts in a football hold, one of the favorite positions of tandem nursing moms. In this position, the baby can be supported by a nursing pillow, so mom need not bear his full weight (difficult to do with two babies) and his legs and feet are under the arm and pointing to the back (allows for more room if you’ve got two sets of legs). 

    Joyce also shared how having twins has not been easy, but she’s finding great strength in motherhood. “I surprise myself in my own ability to adjust and rise to the occasion. I will do anything to provide for my babies.

    “Never give up. Keep the strength,” she wrote. 

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    Tandem breastfeeding moms Charmaine Benitez, stay-at-home mom to four kids who also tandem breastfed, gives the same advice. “Take one day at a time. Some days, you’ll feel as though everything is in sync; other days, you’ll feel overwhelmed. Just breathe in, breathe out, and remember that your kids are only babies for a short while. Cherish every moment with them,” she told Smartparenting.com.ph in another article

    Speaking from personal experience, La Leche League leader Salli Gamez, mom to four children, advices tandem nursing moms to take care of themselves. “Hydrate and nourish yourself well. Now is not the time to diet. With just one child breastfeeding, you will be always hungry -- what more with two children? Have water and healthy snacks always within reach.”

    Whenever you need encouragement, consider all the benefits your babies are getting. Breastmilk is packed with nutrients your baby needs to reach his full potential, says pediatrician and lactation counselor Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumpas. And the longer you breastfeed, the more benefits your baby gets.

    “If your baby is breastfed for eight months, you are lowering your baby's risk for allergies and asthma,” says Dr. Isip-Cumpas. If breastfed for 10 months, it lowers the risk for leukemia and lymphomas. So prolong breastfeeding as long as you can.”

    Good luck, mom!

    [h/t: Babble

    What other parents are reading

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