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    3. Unimom 


    Yols Hortillosa, freelance editor and mom to three-year-old Nico, swears by her Unimon Forte pump: “I bought it for P3500 from Babymama.ph back in 2010. It's light and compact — perfect for the working mom. It can be operated using batteries and only has a few parts so it's easy to clean. It's super affordable too!"


    The Unimom Forte pump can be purchased online at www.babymama.ph


    4. Precious Moments

    Precious Moments breast pump

    Camille Fajbat, freelance writer and mom to an almost one-year-old baby, says she actually prefers hand expression, because she finds it easier plus “there's no need to worry about cleaning or sterilizing this or that.” When she needs to use a pump though, she has the Precious Moments pump. “It's handy and cost me around P1,600,” Camille shares. 


    The Precious Moments pump is available at leading department stores.  

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    5. Lansinoh

    Lansinoh breast pump

    Zendie Magistrado, online Korean tutor during the years she was exclusively breastfeeding now 4.5-year-old Jaden and three-year-old Alexa (who still nurses to sleep), says she loves her Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump. “With it, I was able to exclusively breastfeed my younger daughter for two years (by exclusive, I mean no other milk was given) while having a full-time office job.  It’s efficient — I was able to pump 2 to 4 ounces of milk in one pumping session at work, plus compact, easy-to-clean, easy-to-assemble, and affordable. I bought it from Merichi’s Corner Ebay Store for around P8,000 (in 2010), but damaged parts are readily available from Babymama.ph.” 


    To end, it must be reiterated that breast pumps are not essential for successful breastfeeding, even if one is working out of the home. All that a woman needs to nurse her baby successfully are her breasts, plus proper education, support and guidance. Mothers would do well to learn how to hand express their milk, because once they master the “art” of hand expression, they will find that it’s easier and may actually help them produce more milk in the end. 

    Having said that, there are still many women who choose to use breast pumps, and it is hoped that this article will help guide them in choosing what pump suits their lifestyles the most.

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