5 Tips That Will Help Ease Your Breastfeeding Journey

Philips AVENT empowers moms to be #UpForTheChallenge.

Breastfeeding is, at its best, a unique and beautiful journey. “It creates an intimate relationship between moms and their child emotionally and nutritionally,” says Maite Uy, business development manager of Philips Personal Health. To ready moms for this responsibility, Philips AVENT shared valuable tips that will help them feel confident about breastfeeding:  

1. Take breastfeeding classes. 

If you’re a soon-to-be mom, you might be interested to learn how breastfeeding works by going to a local class or a midwife’s workshop, so that you feel more confident when your baby arrives. You can also talk to friends or family who have enjoyed breastfeeding and ask your partner and family to be involved from the beginning so that you have their support, too.

2. Find the best time to pump milk. 

There’s no specific rule on when to start pumping, so you can choose a starting point that suits you. Whatever your needs, you can think of expressing milk as a way to breastfeed with more flexibility. Most women start to express milk after six months, but there might be circumstances when you need to get going earlier. Some moms find expressing milk useful in the beginning, especially if their baby is having trouble latching, as this helps to start their milk supply.

Once they’ve established breastfeeding, moms can ask help from their partner in feeding the baby at night, or when they’re coming home late from work. 

3. Choose a position that’s comfortable for you and your baby. 

This will make breastfeeding easier for the both of you! You can do the common cradle hold where you can sit on a chair, lie your baby sideways, and use pillows on your lap for support. 

If you have large breasts, had a cesarean delivery, or gave birth to twins, the rugby ball hold might be more convenient. This involves tucking your babies’ feet under your arms so that they can latch properly. 

There’s also the side-lying position where you can relax in bed while feeding your baby. Lie comfortably on your side, use pillows to support your back and legs, then place your baby’s tummy next to yours so that your little one’s mouth is on the same level with your nipple. Support your breast with the opposite hand to help your baby latch on.

4. Allow your baby to latch. 

Once you’ve found your comfortable position, bring your baby to the breast, and not the other way around. Also, make sure that your baby is able to tip their head back slightly when feeding. You’ll know your baby has successfully attached to your nipple when you can see more of the areola (darker skin around the nipple) by their nose than by their chin.

5. Learn quick pumping techniques. 

Whether you’re expressing milk at home or at work, things would go smoothly if you plan ahead and equip yourself with a breast pump on the daily. It helps to find ways on how to stimulate expressing milk. You can have a photo of your baby on hand if you’re expressing away from home. Another factor is finding a quiet, private spot where you can feel comfortable to express milk. You might want to use breast pads to protect your clothing after pumping.

Remember to pump as many times as you would feed so you can maintain your supply of breast milk. 

Philips AVENT offers different types of pumps according to your needs. This means providing support for breastfeeding moms—in public, at home, at work, or out-and-about, along with guidance and specifically designed products that will make their journey more comfortable.

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