• A Yale University study found that even breastfed babies have eating patterns, as cited in the book Your Baby’s First Year by Steven P. Shelov M.D., M.S. F.A.A.P. See if you can recognize your baby’s feeding behavior among them:

    Breastfeeding personality

    As soon as they are put to the breast, they grasp the areola and suck energetically for 10 to 20 minutes. They get less eager, though, as time passes.

    Excited ineffectives
    Breastfeeding personality

    They become frantic at the sight of the breast. In a frenzied cycle, they grasp it, lose it, and start screaming in frustration. They must be calmed down several times during each feeding. Experts suggest feeding them as soon as they wake up, before they get desperately hungry.

    Breastfeeding personality

    As long as the result from their sucking is simply colostrum, they aren’t interested. The trick is to continue putting them to the breast regularly, whenever they feel alert or make mouthing movements. Advice on improved positioning and attachment is also helpful.

    Breastfeeding personality

    These babies insist on playing with the nipple, tasting the milk first, and smacking their lips before digging in. If hurried or prodded, they may get upset. But after a few minutes, they usually settle down to nurse.

    Breastfeeding personality

    They prefer to nurse for a few minutes, rest a few minutes, and resume nursing. Some fall asleep on the breast, nap for an hour or so, and resume nursing. The solution is to schedule extra time for feedings and remain as flexible as possible.


    Illustrations by Pau Padre

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