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5 Best Fertility Apps To Help You Conceive--And They're Free!
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  • If you're excited to be a mom, then you'd welcome any tool that can help you conceive. And, yes, that may include superstition or pamahiin that practically every person who knows you're trying to conceive will dish out in the name of goodwill. You may or may not give it a try, but wouldn't you rather go for something backed by science? 

    To conceive, you need to have sex on days when you are ovulating, of course, which varies among women--that is the tricky part. These apps--technically period trackers and women's reproductive health apps--are your best bets:

    1. Clue

    As you plug in your menstrual cycle data every month, the better this app can analyze your personal data and give you a more accurate approach to tracking your cycle. You can key in other details such as mood, pain, vaginal discharge, cravings, sleep, skin, hair, exercise, and a lot more -- even birth control alerts. Available in iOS and Google Play.


    2. Period Tracker

    If you don’t mind pink and flowers, then this app is for you. It analyzes your data for you and has built-in alerts. One of its unique features is that it calculates the chances of your getting pregnant on a certain day to help you conceive or prevent pregnancy. Available in iOS and Google Play.

    3. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

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    There is a reason why this app got the highest rating from user reviews--it’s easy to use and easy to understand (and very easy on the eyes, too.) It also alerts you when it sees something odd or unusual about your data. Available in iOS and Google Play.

    4. Glow-Ovulation and Fertility

    It started as a fitness app that grew into a family of apps that can take you from fertility to pregnancy. With this app, you can share your data with your partner and sends you a wealth of knowledge about getting pregnant based on your cycle data. It also assists women undergoing fertility treatments like IVF and IUI. Available in iOS and Google Play

    5. Ovia Ovulation and Period


    Developed by Harvard scientists and leading fertility experts, this app help you manage your overall reproductive health (it also has a sister app for pregnancy). What makes it unique is that you can set goals for your weight and exercise requirements. It also connects you to a community of women trying to conceive. Available in iOS and Google Play.

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