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  • 4 Signs You’re Ready to Be a Mom

    Maybe you already want to be a mama and just don't know it yet
  • Life As We Know It

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    So you've married the love of your life, gone traveling around the country/world, and pursued your passions/career/advocacies. What's next?

    Maybe you and your husband agreed that having kids is not on the horizon or just isn't a priority at this point, but sometimes, there are subtle hints you might be missing that are telling you you might actually want to consider becoming a mom. If you find yourself nodding in agreement to anything on this list, then maybe it’s time to pop down your local bookstore and check out a few parenting books.

    1. You start thinking that your nieces and nephews are one of the best things in your life.
    They might not be yours, but heck, they might as well be.

    Woman and baby

    Photo Source: healthworks.my 


    2. The baby clothes you see in stores start looking really cute. And you want to buy them already, just in case.
    What use is this pair of baby sneakers to you now, really? These really adorable pair of small baby sneakers. These sneakers on sale at half price. These sneakers that are great for both boys and girls. But fine, you’re buying them. Just. In. Case.


    3. You've crossed out at least half of the places in your travel bucket list and all you could think of is sharing the rest of your list with your future mini-me.  
    Life would be a lot more fun with someone who’s adorable and bright-eyed to share it with, right? Besides, your Instagram posts would be sweeter if a mini-you was in it.

    Cute baby

    Photo Source: tumblr.com


    4. You start picking out baby names in your head and seriously consider a shortlist.
    You even go as far as writing them down next to your married name, just so you don’t forget. One column for boys’ names, one for girls’ and one that can go either way.

    Do any of these feel familiar? Find the rest of this list on FemaleNetwork.com

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