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    There was a time when preggy moms considered themselves fortunate to find a maternity dress that didn't look frumpy or made them feel bigger than they already did. Today, maternity fashion and anything related to pregnancy and child birth have become a booming industry. Everything is marketed as essential, easier and convenient. What to pick? Here are some of our favorites.

    1. Anti-morning sickness bands

    SeabandPhoto from newagepregnancy.com

    Seaband is a bracelet that claims to offer relief from morning sickness. How does it work? It applies pressure on acupuncture points on your wrist that can help combat nausea. Those who have used it say it is helpful if you have morning sickness that lasts all day. 

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    2. Bottom extenders

    Belly Band and Button
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    If you don't want to spend for new maternity jeans, you can try belly extenders such as a Belly Button Band or Bellybelt that allow you to wear your old jeans even with a growing belly. 

    3. Belly, back and groin supporters

    Belly supportsPhotos from pnmag.com and babybellyband.com

    A baby belly gets heavier as your due date nears. If your back is giving you a hard time, try belly back supporters, like the Belly Bandit, or groin bands (which is great when you feel like your vagina is going to pop) such as the Baby Belly Band. There are many styles you can choose from, but the most common is a belt-like contraption that you wrap around your pelvic area.  

    4. Maternity pillows

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    This is perfect for expecting women who have trouble sleeping. Maternity pillows, like the DreamGenii, provides support for your growing baby bump, back, and knees support. It also encourages preggy women to lie on their left side, a common tip from medical experts to achieve better blood and oxygen circulation for you and your baby. 

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    5. BellyBuds

    Photo from avintagesplendor.com

    In case you think playing classical music with your home speaker system is not enough for your unborn baby, then you'll love Belly Buds. They are small, round, “wearable speakers” that come with adhesives, so you can stick it onto your belly. It does make it easier for on-the-go moms to have this musical bonding session anytime anywhere.

    6. Belly Armor

    Belly Armor
    Photo from bellyarmor.com


    It's a fact that our TV and computers, electronic gadgets, and smartphones emit certain levels of radiation. The Belly Armor shields you and your baby from it. They are made with light, and soft special fabric that has conductive silver textile with similar shielding properties as a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum.

    7. Bellabeat

    Photo from venturebeat.com

    Remember when news came out that Tom Cruise allegedly bought an ultrasound machine so he could monitor Katie Holmes' pregnancy at home? Well, all he really needed was Bellabeat, which allows moms to track their pregnancies (vital signs, weight, sleep, and stress levels) and monitor, hear, record, and share the baby's heartbeat. It's like having your own handy Doppler machine. Bellabeat also has a fitness tracker in the form of a leaf necklace.
    What's your favorite innovative pregnancy product? Share it with us!

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