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  • 7 Things I Wish I Had When I Was Pregnant and Breastfeeding

    Today's mom is fortunate to have these pregnancy and breastfeeding essentials.
    by Rachel Perez .
7 Things I Wish I Had When I Was Pregnant and Breastfeeding
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  • During our first "Smart Parenting Baby Shower" last April 22 at Crown Plaza Galleria, our concessionares showcased products that promised to make life as a preggo easier. Here are some that I wished already existed for expecting women 10 years ago. 

    1. A specially formulated coffee mix

    Set aside the debate whether coffee is okay for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Preggos don't have to give up coffee with Mother Nature's 7-in-1 coffee mix. It contains malunggay, which helps strengthen the immune system, controls blood pressure, and high in calcium; a spiritual herb called Gotu Kola, which helps relieve mental fatigue and enhances memory; the antioxidant ashitaba -- all three can help boost breast milk production. 

    Mother Nature 7-in-1 Coffee Mix, P140.00 per box (8 sachets) also comes in a chocolate variant, mothernatureph.com

    2. A pillow for pregnancy to breastfeeding and more


    Preggos used to grab any pillow they can get their hands on to ease back pain or get a good night's sleep. Designed by a mom for moms the Snug-a-hug pillow is comfortable and has just the right firmness so you can still use it and get the benefits after pregnancy while breastfeeding. The Snug-a-hug pillow is also for people who have undergone an operation, so moms who delivered via C-sections need not worry. Heck, even husbands and kids love using it, too. Find instructions here on how to transform your Snug-a-hug. 

    Snug-a-hug set (one Snug-a-hug pillow, one plain-colored pillow case, one dust bag, one carry-on bag), P2,150, snugahug.net

    3. A mask to protect from pollution and illnesses

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    Research says being exposed to pollution is not safe for preggos. A fabric face mask could help with that and also in keeping pregnant women protected from viruses and bacteria that could get them sick. (And, believe me, no expecting woman wants to catch any illness). The fabric face masks are washable, reusable, eco-friendly, provides ample coverage, and comfy. 

    Fabric face masks by Bubba+Kokok, P200 for three, on shopee.ph

    4. A must-have for breastfeeding moms who work or travel


    You've got to hand it to technology when they can make water freeze into ice faster, so you can soothe your aches and pains more quickly. Just fill these ice packs with water and then seal. The special gel inside makes it freeze faster and stays cold two to three times longer (up to 12 hours) than regular ice. It's ideal for breast milk storage or cold compress. 

    Reusable gel ice pack, P50 each, babymama.ph

    5. Hands-free nursing bra for pumping breast milk


    Because women are natural multitaskers, these genius underwear lets you pump while dressing your baby or changing his nappie, while working on your computer, even while driving as it holds your breast pumps cups in place for you. It's adjustable in that you can wear it as a strapless bra or as a halter, tank, or racerback style bra with its adjustable straps. If you choose to wear it without straps, it guarantees it will no slip. It's comfy, gives ample support, and works with all electric breast pumps. It has gotten the nod of celebrity working moms even in Hollywood. 

    Simple Wishes Signature Hands-free Breast Pump Nursing Bra, P2,000 (also comes in all-in-one tank top, P2,500, and all-in-one bra, P3,895 all-in-one), babymama.ph

    6. A multi-tasking all-in-one diaper and breast pump bag


    It's not just cutesy baby designs when it comes to any baby-related bag. This bag by Wallaby Mommy works great as a pregnancy hospital-go bag, a diaper bag and fashionable enough to work as a breast pump bag when going back to work. It even comes with a mini cooler that fits just right inside the bag, and yet still allows more room for more mom and baby knick-knacks. The Wallaby Mommy bag has drop-flaps and pockets in all sizes every mom needs to keep their bag organized. 

    Wallaby Mommy bag (in seafoam green, washed denim blue, lipstick red, and digital black), P2,450, wallabymommy.com

    7. A comfy but effective shapewear


    Postpartum binders used to be bulky and uncomfortable, and this post-pregnancy product is the complete opposite. Celebrity moms have been giving it nothing but positive reviews. It's medical-grade, so moms who have given birth can use it right ways. It's comfy, not bulky, and seamless. Best of all, it delivers the support moms need after delivery and slimming effect all moms need.


    Wink Shapewear Ultimate Postpartum Bikini and Original Bikini, P4,140 each, urbanessentials.com.ph 

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