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  • pregnant hand tummyThere are three aspects to getting pregnant that expectant parents should know: emotional, physical and financial. Understanding these things can help not just in deciding whether you are ready to get pregnant but if you both are ready for the rigors of family expansion.

    First ask yourself if you are emotionally in a place where you can handle giving yourself to another person aside from your partner. You would need to be able to carry out your responsibilities as a mother and a wife without compromising any of the two. It sounds like a lot of work because it is. Some couples don’t realize the importance of being emotionally prepared for this situation that their immaturity causes them to part ways for, oftentimes, the simplest of reasons such as mood swings, which is a natural occurrence in pregnant women due to hormonal changes.

    Healthy pregnancy = Healthy baby. A mother always has to think twice - once for herself and once for her child. We all know very well the physical changes that a woman undergoes when getting pregnant. Before trying to conceive, it would be best to visit your OB-Gynecologist for a general check up.
    Getting pregnant also requires a lifestyle change which you should be prepared for. This means getting enough rest, good exercise and eating healthy and, for some women with vices, quitting smoking and drinking. In some cases where the pregnancy is risky, bed rest is needed and this means quitting your job too. These may be hefty factors to consider, and you should ask yourselves if you are ready for such scenarios.


    Financial stability is another important thing to consider. This is also one of the reasons why some relationships fail. If the man, woman, or both can’t handle the matter of financial obligation, the strain on the partnership becomes too much to handle that it causes them to pull away from each other. Not being pressured about where to get money for milk, diapers, clothes, medical expenses like vaccines and check-ups and so on eases up on some of the stresses of motherhood. Not having to worry about getting back to work or finding a job after giving birth for income for your family gives you more time and undivided attention in taking care of your baby.

    Motherhood is both a duty and a privilege, and with it comes a lot of responsibilities. In the end it really is up to you and your partner to make it the right time to get pregnant. Having each other’s love, devotion and support is what couples need to get through this special and wondrous journey that will be a pivotal defining moment in your lives.

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