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    Someone once told me about pregnancy, “Sometimes you think you’re ready for it, but nothing really prepares you for it.”

    Still, it won’t hurt to ask yourself these questions for you and your partner to determine if you’re both ready and willing to accept the challenges of pregnancy and parenting.

    1. Is getting pregnant a mutual decision?
    Both of you should have agreed to having a child, whether you’re married or not. If your partner is undecided, don’t expect him to be supportive all throughout your pregnancy and parenting.

    2. Are you financially capable of raising a family?
    Several households have been haunted by financial problems and have broken up because of that–leaving children to suffer much of the consequences in the end. Think about hospital expenses, diapers, regular check-ups, baby food, clothes, education, and so forth. Take into consideration the stability of your job, too.

    3. Are you emotionally capable to face the challenging role of parenting?
    Parenting can be crazy and complicated. It won’t be easy, as most of it is trial-and-error. Be sure you’re emotionally prepared for a rollercoaster ride.

    4. Are you physically ready?
    Carrying a life inside you for nine months is miraculous, but the changes that come with pregnancy are not, such as a swollen belly, weird cravings and unexplainable emotions during this time. After delivery, there will be a whole lot of new challenges yet again for you: sleepless nights, tiredness, and, quite commonly, postpartum depression.

    5. Are you willing to prioritize your child’s needs over yours?
    This is most especially true if your child is still very young. Of course, it’s a totally different story when you have a nanny, but being hands-on in raising your child during his younger years provides you with an invaluable experience and bliss.

    6. Assess yourself: Do you think you’re responsible and mature enough to be a parent?
    Be honest with yourself. If you feel you can’t be objective, find a trusted friend whom you can count on.

    7. Are there health issues that you should consider?
    If you have serious health problems that may affect the child in some way, better think it through first. The first few years will be physically demanding as your little baby will only have you and your partner to depend on.  Consult a doctor first for professional advice before you even consider having a child.

    8. Do you have habits you can’t live without?
    If you’re a chain smoker or a heavy drinker, you will have to stop immediately when you’re pregnant because these will harm you and your baby.

    9. What are your reasons for wanting to get pregnant?
    Bringing life into this world is a big moral responsibility and requires a thorough self-assessment.  Have your reasons and motivations in check.

    10. Is your biological clock a consideration?
    While it’s a big factor to consider now, you must also think about the future.  Go back to questions 1 to 9.

    Being a parent is a huge responsibility, so understand that while getting pregnant may happen in a snap, living up to being a good parent takes a lifetime.  An honest assessment of self and careful consideration of many other factors is necessary before taking the leap.

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