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'We Were Pregnant And Then No More' Bettina Carlos Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Loss
PHOTO BY instagram/bettinacarlos.eduardo
  • Bettina Carlos-Eduardo recently opened up about her pregnancy loss and offered encouraging words to fellow parents who are also going through the same ordeal.

    "Thank you for the assurance that one day, in heaven, we will see and be with our child." 

    The celebrity mom took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news along with a photo of a pregnancy test showing a positive result and an ultrasound photo. The post published on February 1, 2022, also included a screenshot from what appears to be an excerpt from another pregnancy loss story.

    There the phrase, "The Lord has a purpose for each human life, and so a child who dies in the womb has fulfilled his purpose just as fully as someone who lives to old age," was highlighted.

    PHOTO BY instagram/bettinacarlos.eduardo


    "We were pregnant and then no more," Bettina wrote in the caption. The 34-year-old actress did not elaborate on the details of her miscarriage. Instead, she used her platform to offer words of encouragement to other moms who are going through the same heartbreak. "To all the mothers who have lost their children before they could even hold them, feel them, see them (in the flesh or ultrasound), may you too find peace in this:


    "God's purposes for the lives of our unborn children were fully fulfilled however long or short they were IN us. Their lives did not go to waste." 

    She continued, reminding parents that pregnancy loss should not be viewed as their life's cul-de-sac. "And in the same way, YOU, if you are still breathing that means God's purpose for you is not yet fulfilled-hence your very life and every breath."

    Bettina moves on from pregnancy loss with gratitude

    Despite the loss, Bettina finds it in her heart to see the experience in a positive light. She ends her post with gratitude as she draws strength from her faith. "Lord, You were so gracious in giving to us and You are still good even in taking away. Thank you for the fresh hope and new joy You gave us even for a very short while."

    "Thank you for the assurance that one day, in heaven, we will see and be with our child. Thank you for what You give when You take [it] away. What we gain from this loss," she shared. 

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    Bettina is married to non-showbiz partner Mikki Eduardo and has a daughter from her previous relationship. Last year, the family decided to move to the province and build their dream house in La Union.

    Coping from pregnancy loss

    Even the World Health Organization laments how pregnancy loss is still viewed as a "taboo subject worldwide." But this should not be the case, and most importantly, women and their partners who are coping with pregnancy loss must not be criticized or shamed.

    Breaking the silence around discussions about miscarriage and pregnancy loss is important, "so more women will be informed, and they will not feel alone in their journey," says author and mom-of-two Balot Del Rosario.

    In a previous SmartParenting.com.ph article, Balot shares her pregnancy loss story and pieces of advice, which helped her cope after a miscarriage. Below, we are republishing three of the five pieces of advice from Balot on how a parent can come to terms with the loss of a child. (Read Balot's full article here)

    1. Grieve if you must Healing is a process.

    Cry as much as you want to. Do what it takes so that you can have the closure that you need. But never forget to stand up after this fall. Know that many have overcome their losses and successfully became mothers in due time. Trust that everything will work out for the best.

    2. Find the best doctors

    It is crucial to find doctors who can empathize with what you are going through and would not just treat you as another number in the queue. Check their background if they have handled cases like yours. For me, my best measure in choosing any doctor was instinct. You would know in your gut if the doctor is the one for you.


    3. Join a support group

    Only mothers who have lost a baby can fully understand how hard it is. The good thing about our world now is everything is just an arm's reach. Through technology, we can hold a space for people who are going through the same plight via social media, community groups, and the like. If you are a RID or APAS warrior, you can join our support group at facebook.com/groups/allaboutapasandrid.

    One pregnancy loss is devastating already, but five miscarriages? Read the story of a mom who survived it here.

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