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  • Can Birth Control Pills Cause Heart Attacks?

    Scientists debunk the rumored association between birth control pills and heart attacks.
  • pillsRecently, scientists reexamined the circulating belief that birth controls cause heart attacks. It was thought that this purported association was true, given reported health problems in women taking birth control pills. It has been discovered, though, that this does not apply with progestin-only contraceptives, also known as the mini-pill.

    The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism conducted several studies to test heart attack risks in over 1,800 women, aged 16 to 44, taking the progestin-only pill, versus the health attack risks in those who did not take the said pill.

    While this new information is good for progestin-only pills, it does not necessarily already hold true for combination (progestin and estrogen) pills. Previous studies showed that women taking combination pills were twice as likely to have heart attacks than those who were not on the pill at all.

    Medical experts still advise women who smoke, have hypertension and other heart problems to use the progestin-only pill.

    The researchers also emphasize that the study is the first of its kind to study just the progestin-only pill and that the number of women surveyed is too small. The study also did not take into account the number of doses and type of progestin taken.

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