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  • Meet Your Baby At 9 Months: He Is Ready For His Grand Entrance Into The World!

    You’ll soon be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms.
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Meet Your Baby At 9 Months: He Is Ready For His Grand Entrance Into The World!
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  • This is it — you are in your ninth month of pregnancy! You’ve finally entered your 36th week, which means you’ll be ready to deliver your baby in a few weeks’ time.

    We know your heart is racing from the excitement of finally meeting that precious life you nourished inside your womb. While it might not have been a smooth ride, it’s definitely meaningful and memorable.

    Curious how your baby is doing now that they are almost ready to make a grand entrance? Here are some developments you should expect from your fetus at 9 months.

    What does a baby do at 9 months?

    Once you’ve entered week 36, your baby is about as big as a papaya. They measure around 18 to 19 inches long, and may weigh around 6 pounds, according to What To Expect.

    On average, a full-term baby can measure around 20 inches long and weighing weigh around 7 and a half pounds. If you’re expecting a baby boy, the tendency is that he’ll weigh heavier than a baby girl at birth.

    At this stage, your baby has grown much bigger and they are feeling snug inside the womb. There’s little room to make large movements, so they won’t be able to make the powerful somersaults you’ve experienced from the previous months.

    Your little one will still punch, stretch, and wiggle, so continue to monitor your baby’s movements to make sure they are doing all right inside the womb. (For more ways to encourage your baby to make movements, read here.)


    By this time, your baby’s lungs have matured. They’re ready to take their first breath outside your tummy and practicing hard by breathing in amniotic fluid.

    Other essential organs like the liver and kidney are already functioning well and independently on their own. Their digestive system is maturing, too, and getting ready to have their first bowel movement called meconium once they’re out of the womb.

    Your precious baby is also practicing its sucking reflexes so they’ll be ready to start drinking breast milk after childbirth. They’ve developed more dexterity in their fingers — you might catch them grasping their toes or nose!

    Physically, your baby is growing their nails and hair at nine months. They’re also shedding the wax covering their skin including the tiny, velvety hair called lanugo that kept your bundle of joy warm while inside your womb.

    As you’re nearing your due date, your baby’s head is beginning to go downwards, deep inside your pelvis, to the birthing position. This movement is actually called the lightening, which may start weeks before the actual labor. Your baby is really getting ready to be welcomed into the outside world!

    You may be feeling more anxious and excited now and it’s only a matter of time when you will finally meet and hold your baby in your arms. But what if you’ve gone past 37 weeks and baby is still not showing any signs of going out of the womb?

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    Is 40 weeks of pregnancy normal?

    No, you are not overdue at 40 weeks. “In recent years, there’s been an effort by the March of Dimes to change the thinking around the idea that your baby’s fully developed by 37 weeks, an assumption that leads to some early non-medical inductions.

    “In fact, we now know that baby’s brains are still growing in the last weeks of pregnancy,” according to Today.

    You don’t have to do anything to induce labor if your baby still isn’t ready to come out at 37 weeks. Doctors induce labor only when necessary and the reasons vary for each patient.

    “The indication for induction is patient-specific,” explains Dr. Maynila Domingo, an obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in maternal-fetal medicine at ManilaMed. “Kung hindi ka nagle-labor pa ng kusa, baka hindi pa ready si baby.”

    Typically, doctors only perform it if the patient has existing conditions or developed complications during her pregnancy. Kung normal pregnancy, walang ibang medical condition, we can safely wait,” Dr. Domingo says.

    So, don’t worry just yet, but make sure to talk to your doctor about your birth plans and communicate should you have any worries about your pregnancy and childbirth.

    You’ve done amazingly well in your pregnancy journey, so relax and prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one. You can do it, mommy!

    Smart Parenting is always here to help guide you in your motherhood journey. Click here for our week-by-week guide so you know what to expect in your pregnancy.


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