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  • Gum Disease may Affect Time it Takes to Conceive, Says Study

    Trying for a baby? Then brush your teeth and floss regularly, says experts.
  • woman brushing teethExperts have discovered another probable factor contributing to women’s chances of conceiving. Gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, may be causing women to have trouble conceiving according to a recent study by the University of Western Australia.

    Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque, and can also lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums and tooth loss. Bleeding gums can cause different kinds of bacteria to get into the bloodstream.

    Using data of 3,737 pregnant women, the researchers determined the conception count at 1,956 and they found out that on average, those with gum disease took seven months longer to conceive versus the five months’ time it took those women without gum disease.

    The study still requires more investigation, as it is the first of its kind to look into any probable association between gum disease and the time it takes to conceive. Says Professor Hart, a Professor of Medicine at the University, “Until now, there have been no published studies that investigate whether gum disease can affect a woman’s chance of conceiving, so this is the first report to suggest that gum disease might be one of the several factors that could be modified to improve the chances of pregnancy.”

    Other factors to be considered include age, cigarette smoking, as well as a body mass index (BMI) of more than 25 kg/m2 which may possibly play a part in increasing conception time. Gum disease has also been associated with other disease such as kidney disease, heart disease, miscarriage, premature birth, among others.

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    Photo by shockingly original via flickr creative commons

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