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  • Hospital bag Checklist

    Pack two bags for the hospital or birth center: a small overnight bag for the items you’ll need during labor and a larger bag for everything else that you’ll need later.
    by Ruth Manimtim-Floresca .
  • The small bag should contain:
    1. birth plan
    2. Lamaze certificate
    3. insurance papers
    4. medical or PhilHealth card
    5. lip moisturizer or balm (because you can’t eat or drink)
    6. cellphone (with all the numbers to text as soon as you’ve given birth!)
    7. mp3 player, a magazine or book to pass time with during labor
    8. nightgown or robe (this may be stained permanently)
    9. socks
    10. video and still camera to document


    The large bag should contain: 

    1. nursing bra and tops
    2. toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, comb) for cleaning up after delivery
    3. sanitary napkins with adhesives
    4. healthy snacks like raisins, nuts, whole-wheat crackers—you may go hungry in between hospital meals
    5. a going home outfit for you. Don’t expect your body to shrink in size completely. Stick to loose, comfortable clothes
    6. kimono or stretch suit for baby. Make sure they’re cool, comfortable, and easy to wear and take off. Add in a pair of booties and a receiving blanket
    7. diapers. Bring both cloth and disposable kinds.


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