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  • How Allergy Medication Affects Fertility

    It may actually contribute to drying up your cervical mucus which is vital in helping you conceive.
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  • woman sneezeAs the rainy season comes upon us once again, your chances of catching cold-related allergies are increased with the changes in the weather, thus cold or allergy medications will come in handy. If you’re trying to have a baby though, you might want to resort to more natural remedies to keep those nasty allergies away.

    Why? Antihistamines in allergy medication, apparently, tend to dry up the cervical fluid or cervical mucus, that clear substance with an egg white consistency that plays an important role in helping sperm make its way to the egg.

    Cervical mucus is responsible for:
    •    Transporting sperm into the uterus and to the fallopian tubes
    •    Helping sperm survive the travel
    •    Helping a woman determine when she is most fertile (Check out our feature on the Billings Ovulation Method)
    •    Nourishing sperm for up to 5 days
    •    Filtering out abnormal sperm (extremely large or small head, tapered head, two heads, crooked head, etc.)
    •    Protecting sperm from the acidity of the vagina

    The best way is still to keep yourself as healthy as possible and away from allergy-triggering elements. Here are some suggestions:
    •    Keep away from allergens. Keep your house clear of dust as much as possible and you might want to roll up your car windows when on the road.
    •    Stock up on food packed with Omega-3. Omega-3s are naturally found in fish, krill, mussels, eggs, seal oil, milk and cheese.
    •    Have a teaspoon of raw honey each day. It consists of 90 percent pollens and spores which trigger allergies. You’ll be, in a way, building your immunity to allergens.

    Of course, arming yourself with a balanced diet, exercise, and Vitamin-C rich food to help boost your immunity to diseases in general never fails. These will surely help in making sure you and your hubby have that bundle of joy you’ve been wanting to have.

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    Photo from sxc.hu

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