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  • How To Conceive A Baby Boy: 9 Ways To Increase Your Chances!

    To have a baby boy, follow these tips on the timing of intercourse, sex positions, diet, and more.
    by Rachel Perez .
How To Conceive A Baby Boy: 9 Ways To Increase Your Chances!
  • When asked if they want a boy or a girl, many couples’ typical reply is, “We just want a healthy baby.” But, if you were told it is possible to get pregnant with a boy or a girl, it is likely you will jump at the chance, right?

    The technology used in predicting a baby's sex while he is in the womb has improved. Genetic tests done early in the pregnancy have got that covered along with more accurate ultrasound scans. But trying to aim for a baby boy or girl while trying to conceive has remained a 50-50 chance.

    A woman’s egg carries only the X-chromosome, so a baby’s sex is determined by the X chromosome (girl) or Y chromosome (boy) carried by the sperm. Two X chromosomes in a fertilized egg results in a baby girl, while an X and Y chromosome means you’re having a boy.

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    Science has yet to pinpoint how to make a baby boy or girl

    Without medical intervention, nature dictates how the chromosomes will combine to determine if it will be a boy or a girl. But if you are conceiving via in vitro fertilization (IVF), choosing the sex of the fertilized egg can be done by genetic testing or sperm selection.

    Outside the lab, there is no predicting if a sperm carries an X or Y chromosome and which one will reach the egg first. However, according to the book How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby, author Dr. Landrum B. Shettles, a biologist, theorizes that Y-chromosome sperm swim faster but die early in women’s reproductive environment. The X-chromosome sperm, on the other hand, are lazy swimmers but live longer inside the vagina.


    Shettles Method also theorizes that sperm can stay alive in the woman’s reproductive system for days. Still, it may depend on the vagina’s pH levels. A vagina with high acidity levels is more deadly for Y-chromosome sperm.

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    How to increase your chances of conceiving a boy

    Aiming for a baby boy means making the vagina more welcoming to Y-chromosome sperm and giving it higher chances of reaching the egg first, according to the Shettles Method. Some also use the Chinese calendar method. None of these have been scientifically proven to be 100% effective, but you will find couples who have used it and got pregnant. There’s no harm in trying, right?

    Here are other ways to help increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

    1. Opt for deep-penetration sex positions.

    Sex positions that allow for deep penetration (i.e., rear-entry positions) may help give Y-chromosome sperm a head start. It not only enables the male sperm to swim past the vagina’s acidic areas but also gives it less distance to swim towards the egg.

    If you’re doing less penetrative sex positions, like the missionary position, some women say elevating the pelvis may help steer sperm in the right direction faster.

    2. Make time for lots of foreplay.

    Don’t brush off fun play when you’re trying to conceive. Those happy hormones that are released during foreplay may make women more lubricant and help make the vaginal environment friendlier to Y-chromosome sperm.

    3. Prioritize making the woman have an orgasm.

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    Why making a baby should be pleasurable to the woman? One theory suggests that if a woman climaxes during sex, the vagina becomes less acidic and more alkaline. The contractions during an orgasm also help propel male sperm forward into the cervix.

    4. Time your sexual intercourse right.

    To increase your chances of getting pregnant, you and your partner should have sex on your fertile days. But if you want a baby boy, you and your partner should have sex at the peak of your ovulation period to give the Y-chromosome sperm higher chances of fertilizing the egg first.

    The Whelan Method, devised by Elizabeth Whelan, a public health researcher, is based on biochemical changes in a woman’s body. It suggests that couples who want a baby boy should have sex around four days before ovulation temperature rises because male chromosome-carrying sperm perform better during that time, reaching the egg first.

    5. Women may want to eat more red meat, salty foods during ovulation.

    One research found that a woman’s diet that is high in sodium and potassium increased their chances of conceiving a boy. Salty or potassium-rich food, like bananas, leads to a more alkaline, or more Y-chromosome friendly conditions in your vagina.

    6. Women may want to eat more calories on their fertile days.

    A U.K. study found that women who have more energy intake or who consume more calories are not on a diet and didn’t skip meals during ovulation have more chances of giving birth to baby boys. So, if you’re experiencing PMS cravings, just go ahead and fulfill them.


    7. Take evening primrose oil.

    Some theories claim that evening primrose oil (as well as other health supplements) helps improve vaginal health and boosts the chances of conceiving a boy. Evening primrose oil is usually prescribed to pregnant women to help thin the cervix, which may give Y-chromosome sperm an advantage.

    8. Caffeine may perk up men’s sperm.

    Apart from men having a healthy diet, another theory to have a baby boy is for men to drink a cup of coffee 15 to 30 minutes before making love to “wake up” his Y-chromosome sperm and make them more active during sex. Chocolate is also a good source of caffeine.

    9. Men may want to wear boxers.

    Tighter underwear warms the men’s scrotum and leads to lower sperm count. Experts believe a high sperm count is more likely to produce a baby boy.

    It’s best not to get too hung up on these tips. Just enjoy having sex and get lucky! Every child, boy or girl, is a blessing.

    Click here for more ways to improve your man’s sperm count and quality.

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