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  • Using The Withdrawal Method? Here's The Least You Can Do To Make It Work (Maybe)

    To be clear, the withdrawal method is the least effective way to prevent pregnancy.
    by Rachel Perez .
Using The Withdrawal Method? Here's The Least You Can Do To Make It Work (Maybe)
  • When to get pregnant and when to use contraception are both personal choices. If you're not ready to get pregnant for the first time or have more kids, there are many methods to choose from. (Click here to read about the many natural ways and their pros and cons). 

    Just so we're clear, the withdrawal method or pull-out method is the least effective way of preventing pregnancy. The effectivity of this method solely depends on the male partner withdrawing penetration just before he ejaculates. The heat of the moment may affect his timing, and it might be challenging to pull out just before the pre-ejaculation fluid which some studies say may contain sperm.

    Still, many couples stick to the withdrawal method for their own reasons. Some women don't want to take contraceptive pills, while some men dislike using a condom. Suprisingly, many couples swear by it still, even after knowing of other couples who got pregnant using only the withdrawal method as contraception. 

    How to use the withdrawal method of contraception more effectively

    We ask moms and dads in the Smart Parenting Village Facebook group if they use the withdrawal method. If so, what do they do to make it more effective? Here are what they shared:

    Use the withdrawal method with a period tracker app. 

    One mom swears by using the withdrawal method coupled with a period tracker app. A period tracker app works the same way as an Ovulation calendar. It determines a woman's safe and fertile days. Fertile days are the days before or after ovulation day, which increases the chances of getting pregnant. Having sex on safe days has a lower chance of conceiving.  

    According to the mom, they always use the withdrawal method unless they're trying to get pregnant. She and her husband have been using it for more than three years (and counting) after their first child's birth. 

    Another mom, who also uses the withdrawal method with a period tracker app, suggested to avoid sex during fertile days and use the withdrawal method during safe days.

    Use the calendar and withdrawal method.

    The possible downside of period trackers is that they are only more accurate for women who have regular menstrual cycles. So, a mom shared that she tracks her period manually. She marks the first day of menstruation every month and only has sex during the seven days after her period to be safe. 

    Another mom who also uses the calendar method says it's safe to not withdraw when having sex five days before and after her menstrual period. 

    "Let your wife finish first."

    One dad gave some words of wisdom. "Pull out and pray. Pero as much as possible, let your wife finish first. Plain and simple," he said. Letting the woman reach climax is half the battle, after all.

    Take contraceptive pills but also use the withdrawal method.

    One mom said she's taking pills because she has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She and her partner also do the withdrawal method. Another mom who does the same technique calls it the "double combo."

    Ask your partner to wear a condom and pull-out. 

    "Para sure na sure! Hindi lahat ng guys magaling mag-pull out before pre-ejaculation fluids. No condom, no sex," one mom shared. 

    Trust your partner to withdraw in time.

    "Nasa control and discipline ng lalaki yan. Kung uunahin niya 'yung personal satisfaction niya bago 'yung napag-usapan ninyong huwag munang bumuo, e may mabubuo talaga. Pero kung malinaw 'yung goal ninyo na hindi muna bumuo, e effective ang withdrawal," one mom stressed.

    "Mas malaking tulong 'pag ang lalaki ay marunong din talaga. and I also assume na if para din sa'yo para talaga sa'yo," another mom said. 

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