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  • Pregnant or PMS-ing? Moms Reveal Early Signs That Told Them 'You're Pregnant!'

    Most women don't know they're pregnant during the first month of their pregnancy, but some say they notice some early signs.
    by Rachel Perez .
Pregnant or PMS-ing? Moms Reveal Early Signs That Told Them 'You're Pregnant!'
  • The first month of pregnancy is tricky. Doctors calculate your due date from the first day of your latest menstrual cycle, so you’re not yet technically pregnant yet until fertilization happens during your ovulation period, but you might not feel any signs of pregnancy yet.

    Pregnancy is different for every woman. Most women don’t notice anything because early pregnancy signs are similar to pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS) that tell you you’re about to get your period. Still, a lot of preggos swear they felt something different, but the only way to confirm it is to take a pregnancy test (PT) once their period gets delayed. By that time the kit shows two lines, they’re already past the first month, about six to eight weeks pregnant, or further along.

    We asked the Smart Parenting Village moms if what symptoms made them suspect they were pregnant early on. Of course, it’s different for every preggo, but their answers can paint a more precise, much broader picture of what symptoms to expect.

    Tender or sore breasts

    “Sore breasts for almost three weeks already. Usually, 'pag PMS ko lang noon, one week lang, pero that time, ibang-iba.” - Hannah Baello-Agus

    “My breasts were very sore that I even screamed when my firstborn accidentally brushed one. I was so exhausted with the new year preparations, and the mozzarella bombs that my husband prepared for New Year's Eve tasted like kerosene.” - Lot Lumberio-Regaliza

    Enlarged breasts and areolas

    “Since irregular yung period ko hindi ko agad naisip na buntis ako, pero nakaramdam na ako ng kakaiba sa katawan ko, like parang lumaki boobs ko, then antukin ako masyado, and lastly tamad na tamad akong maligo.” - Vhengskie Majistrado


    “Engorged breasts and my nipples got bigger tapos lumapad din ung areola ko. Yun talaga napansin ko.” - Frances Seno Dela Cruz

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    Heightened or super sensitive sense of smell

    “Heightened sense of smell, bigla-bigla. Before being preggers, I can’t distinguish different smells, pero when I was pregnant, I can smell what my grandmom was cooking from two blocks down. It was weird.” - Shaira Hilapo

    “For someone who loves to cook, natotolerate ko halos lahat ng amoy, except sa amoy ng durian. Pero that time, kahit amoy ng roast chicken or amoy ng pinipritong French fries lang e nasusuka ako.” - Vanessa Palad-Salosagcol

    Aversion to certain smells

    “My husband suddenly smelled awful. Like disgusting smell na bigla na lang sumulpot out of nowhere. I can't even stand sharing the bed with him. Lasted first few weeks of pregnancy.” - Anna Saskia Gisela

    “Ang daming ayokong maamoy. Bahong baho ako sa pancit canton to the point na naduduwal ako. Nababahuan din ako sa hubby ko eh never ko naamoy yun na mabaho.” - Cherry Amparo

    Not feeling well

    “Mainit yung pakiramdam ko but not the usual sinat or lagnat and parang pagod at the same time kaya I decided mag PT. Ayun, positive.” - Jamie Parreno

    “Sobrang tamad na tamad ako pumasok nun sa work lalo na at panggabi ako. Nagkasakit pa ko nun which also happened during my previous pregnancy pero I thought baka sa puyat and pagod lang.” - April Marie

    Frequent urinating

    “Yung napansin ko na bakit ako laging nagpi-pee lalo na 'pag madaling araw. It was very unusual for me.” - Cloud Pael

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    Morning sickness

    “Yung biglang sukang-suka ako sa amoy ng niluluto ng landlady namin noon, lalu na 'pag naggigisa ng bawang at sibuyas. Tapos parang kinakapos ako lagi ng oxygen at hilong-hilo kapag nasa mall. Lahat ng kinakain ko sinusuka ko agad.” - Christine Belen Sto Domingo

    Bloated tummy

    “I missed my period and I took a test but it's negative. Umabot na'ko sa point na bloated yung tummy ko to the extent na hindi na maisara ang butones ng jeans ko.” - Maebell P. Ladra-Violango


    “Nagka-rashes ako. I Googled it and it might be due to rush of estrogen daw. True enough positive ang PT.” - Krsna Apolonio Aruk

    Mood swings

    “Four days before I took a pregnancy test, my husband noticed my extreme moods. One day I'm doing the "Naruto run," the next day I'm crying and bawling because of work as if the world ended! My breasts were sore, felt overfatigued every day, and had dizziness in the morning.” - Judy Marie Santiago-Aladin

    “I cry at commercials and Christmas songs and I don’t know why I’m so emotional." - Levine Anne G. Flores
    "Galit ako palagi. That's when I realized na I'm pregnant na.” - Aichelle Mae Pampag-Zamora Espina

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    “Headache kahit hindi puyat, gutom, or stressed. Then after a few days para na akong lalagnatin. Nawala lang nung nakapagpa-checkup na ako at nakapag-take ng vitamins and folic acid. After nun lihi stage naman, mas malala pa pala yung pakiramdam.” - Joya Tardaguela – Lagrason

    “Usually 'pag sumakit ulo ko kinabukasan may period na ko. One week na masakit yung ulo ko and masakit puson ko. I got worried na baka may something.” - Andeliz Joyce Almario


    Unusual food choices

    “Gusto ko lagi kumain ng ampalaya which is hindi ko naman usually kinakain. Hindi din normal.” - Mary Joyce Fullado-Aguja

    Easily tired

    “Low energy, super sleepy and madaling mapagod. yung hindi ka makapaglinis ng bahay o makapaglaba kasi after a few minutes pagod na agad.” - Maymay Romano

    Feeling sleepy

    “Super duper antok to the maximum level. I realize na hindi na normal yung antok ko kasi kahit na kumpleto tulog ko, para akong bangag na as in matutumba ko sa sobrang antok.” - Sol Abigan

    Strong pulse on the neck

    “I was always so sleepy and tired, then I always feel bloated. Then, one day, I woke up with a super strong pulse on my neck. It's like I can almost hear it. Then, I remembered yun kwento ng mga lolas sa'min, kapag may pintig daw on the neck, it means you're pregnant.” - Vanessa M. Tan

    Bleeding gums

    “Puzzled din and dentist ko, kasi okay naman gums ko that time, pero mabilis mag-bleed. When I asked him why, he said apart from gum disease, pregnancy could be one reason.” - Cynthia Gonzales


    “Nosebleed, literally. That’s my sign na buntis ako. Dahil irregular ako tapos bigla ako mag nosebleed alam ko buntis na ko. During pregnancy ko lang na experience mag nosebleed.” - Dijiana Fulgueras Lim

    Metallic taste

    “Loss of appetite due to metallic taste in my mouth. Lahat ng kinakain ko, kahit gano kasarap yun ulam, lasang may bakal.” - Hanna Honore

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    “Yung sa'kin super kakaiba. Diarrhea! Usually daw constipation dahil sa mas mabagal na digestion kasi may increase in progesterone. It causes food to pass more slowly through the intestines. Even the doctor and the nurses got confused.”& - Kynski Flerr

    Acid reflux

    “Having reflux. Which is not normal to me. I got pregnant twice. And acid reflux ang sign ko bago ko lng maisip na Im days delayed already.” - Melcca Trapero Puntual

    Feeling hot, thirsty

    “Super lamigin ako, then I felt something is different kasi sobrang init ng pakiramdam ko. Yung mga kasama ko nilalamig na pero ako nagpapaypay pa.” - Jaz Carpio Pulvera

    “I was always thirsty, laging pagod, pawis sa pagtulog kahit malamig naman. Yung pinaka ayaw kong prutas one week straight kong kinakain at parang hindi ako mabuhay ng wala ito. Dryness rin sa private area.” - Lake Lake Zapat


    “Can't poop. Bothered ako kasi ilang araw na and I changed my lifestyle also pero ganun parin. So I did some research and possible din daw pregnancy Then, I realized delayed na pala.” - Jack Caparas-Yee

    Widened pelvis

    “My former colleague told me, "Ang laki na ng balakang mo." Doon nag-start yun. After a week, I tried a pregnancy kit and it was positive.” - Irish D. Sicatin

    Period-like cramps

    “Cramps sa puson na di ko maexplain. Mas masakit kesa mentrual cramps and two weeks nang ganun tapos d pa ako dinadatnan.” - Jennina June Leira Lanza-Brosas

    Having dreams

    “I had a dream that I was pregnant. Yung lang talaga. That was was three days before my scheduled period. Viola! I was preggers.” - Krista Anjela


    About to take a pregnancy test? Read here on when to best take it for more accurate results.

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