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  • Be Inspired: 4 Moms and their Miracle Babies

    These moms' difficult life challenges made having kids even more precious.
  • Tanya Medina

    Tanya Medina, 38
    Mom to Pilar Zita, 9, and Olivia Beatriz, 3
    Married to John, 44, banker

    “When John and I got married, having kids was not a priority since we were both young and just starting our careers. A year after, we decided to have a baby. Unfortunately, despite all of our best efforts, I didn’t get pregnant.   

    “After about a year of trying, we sought help from a fertility doctor. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal disorder that prevents me from ovulating properly. John and I had been trying for two years by the time we switched doctors, and the toll of the hormonal treatments and the depressing sight of negative pregnancy tests were wearing us down. “Our second doctor changed my drug regimen, and in a month, I developed five follicles that could each mature into an egg. But the eggs started to die — all but one. We did artificial insemination to fertilize that lone egg to increase our odds.  

    “At last, after more than two years of waiting and heartbreak, I finally got pregnant. I spent the entire pregnancy in bed — and almost miscarried twice. In November 2004, we were finally blessed with Pilar Zita, and she was worth the wait.

    “When Pilar turned three, we decided to try to have more kids. I quit my job as a banker to focus on getting pregnant again. We switched to in vitro fertilization, and were able to harvest and fertilize eight embryos. The doctors implanted four in me, and the rest were frozen. Of the four that were implanted, one took. Sadly, I went into preterm labor on my 23rd week and gave birth to our daughter Ines too soon. She lived for only three days.  

    “Despite the devastating loss, we tried again after six months. After the last four embryos were implanted in me, I got pregnant with twins. I spent most of this pregnancy lying in bed, fearful that I would go into preterm labor again. And I did — at 20 weeks. Our twins Carmen and Chavo survived only for minutes. “We were heartbroken and decided to stop trying to have another child. We had already been blessed with one, so we thought we’d just focus all our love and attention on Pilar.

    “Then a friend gave me a 54-day novena, and I decided to pray it. But I never asked for another baby. I just asked for healing and acceptance of God’s plan for us. Six weeks after I finished the novena, I kept getting sick. John was worried that the fertility treatments and the pregnancies had taken their toll on me, but it also felt like I was pregnant, so I took a pregnancy test to check. It was positive! When the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, I was already six weeks pregnant! If his calculations were right, I had gotten pregnant on the last day of my novena.    

    “In June 2010, I gave birth to Olivia Beatriz. She is my only naturally conceived child. Borne of loss and enduring faith, she is living proof that miracles do happen. Despite the children that John and I lost and the long journey we had been on, our two girls are here, and we know how blessed we are and what a privilege it is to finally be parents.”


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