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Preggy Chronicles: 20 Questions with Nikka Martinez Garcia
  • Actor Patrick Garcia's better half is eight weeks along the family way the second time around. Aside from having a bun in the oven, Nikka Martinez Garcia has also been busy being a mom to their daughter Chelsea, who's turning three in March.

    We've caught up her to check how her pregnancy is coming along and she opened up about the new challenges she's had on being pregnant. She's also let us in on their coming daughter's name, and how she preps Chelsea about being an ate soon. Here's what she has to say:

    How does it feel to be pregnant for the second time?
    It feels good. I really wanted to get pregnant after we get married, so this is super planned. I’m the only child, but Patrick really wants to have a lot of kids—four actually. Actually, after two years, we would love to try getting pregnant again, for a boy this time.

    It’s very different from my first. When I was pregnant with Chelsea, all I remember was eating and eating and eating. I gained 85 pounds. I was really, really big. But now, I had my nausea during my first trimester until my second trimester. I don’t remember having that when I was pregnant with Chelsea. So, this pregnancy is a little bit more challenging. But I’m more comfortable despite the nausea, maybe because I’m not so big and I can still fit into my clothes somewhat.

    What are you most looking forward to? 
    I am less worried but more excited now because I have experienced being pregnant. I’m just savoring being pregnant day by day, with no worries at all. I know that this baby will bring more joy, more fun to our family.


    On days I’m feeling unpretty, I… 
    ...ask my husband to assure me, or I read. I like to read What To Expect When Expecting to make myself look forward to the time when I can hold Patrice—yes, we already have a name for her!  

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    I keep myself fit by... 
    Well, Chelsea is a handful so that’s about it. I also swim when I can but who has the time? Haha!

    I always pack along these snacks:
    Water, mamon, and bread sticks. We would really go out of our way to get mamon or bread. I’m so into starchy stuff: bread, mamon, bread pudding, cakes; not too much sweets.

    I deal with morning sickness by:
    Nothing. I reached a point when I cried because I really couldn’t understand what was going on. But you just have to go through it. I just slept and rested, and tried to eat “easy-to-vomit” foods like soup. I just ended my no-chicken spell. I love chicken, but ever since I got pregnant, I couldn’t eat chicken for like six months only because I couldn’t stand the smell. But now, my taste buds are exploding; I love it.

    A pregnancy tip I swear by:
    You really have to be happy. With Chelsea, I was such as happy pregnant person that I can see now that she’s such a happy baby. I really believe that what you go through when you’re pregnant will affect the disposition of your child.

    Best pregnancy advice I’ve gotten:
    Don’t deprive myself.  My mom told me to just enjoy the pregnancy. Now I’m more conscious of what I eat, but I’m not so worried about it. You can lose the weight naman eventually.

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    What would you consider is the biggest challenges of your pregnancy?
    When I had my morning sickness, which is really a whole-day sickness.

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    What I like best about being pregnant:
    The kicks. I like it feeling the movement of my baby inside my tummy. I love the feeling that there’s a miracle inside of me growing.

    What I like least about being pregnant:
    Gaining weight everywhere else. Haha! There are people who only grow a tummy when they’re pregnant. Well, everyone’s different, and it’s okay. Just to be pregnant is already something to be really thankful for.

    What I miss most about my non-pregnant body:
    Just my flat tummy, being able to lie flat on my belly.

    What would you say is your pregnancy style?
    I like dresses now, easy to remove and put on because I’m peeing like all the time. Hahaha! I also like flats. It depends on my mood really. But more than style, I go for comfort.

    One thing about pregnancy that has surprised me:
    That it’s really different per pregnancy. Especially since I have a girl and now I’m also having a girl, I would have thought it would be similar, but it’s really different that I’m starting to wonder what it’s like to have a boy.

    My birth plan:
    With Chelsea, I had a C-section by choice. But now, since it’s been almost three years since, I can opt to try to give birth via a normally delivery. It’s still something my husband and I are discussing. One thing is for sure, I will definitely breastfeed. I breastfed Chelsea directly and purely for a year.

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    How has this whole experience changed you?
    You get a little bit more mature each time and of course, you start deciding with your child in mind always. My desires go third; it’s always my husband’s, my daughter’s, and then mine. Same thing for this baby—whatever I do, I take those three things in considerations first.

    How are you preparing Chelsea to be a big sister?
    We’ve been reading to her a lot. We pray together as a family. We gave her a role to pray for Patrice at night. When I had some of Patrice’s clothes washed already, I would involve her in folding the clothes just so she doesn’t feel like she’s going to feel left out. We’re so careful about that. She knows she’s ate and that she has to take care of her baby sister. Chelsea’s coping really well.

    Are you nesting already?
    Six months into the pregnancy, I already had the room painted. Chelsea picked what color she wanted for her room, and she picked purple, so I had her room painted purple. Then, I had Patrice’s room in pink naman.

    How are you preparing yourself to be a mom of two?
    Well, I have spoken to my mom and my relatives to help just in case I would need to deliver via CS. But then, I’m so not worried because I have a very good nanny. And with Pat, at night, I’m slowly passing on some duties to him like making milk so when Patrice comes, I’ll breastfeed and he can take care of Chelsea.


    Pat is super supportive. I cannot say anything else. That guy is such an amazing dad. If everyone can just see how hands-on he is.  Every time Chelsea needs to use the toilet at night, he’s the one helping her. He understands that I’m pregnant, and he’s game to do his share in taking care of our daughter. I couldn’t ask for more. If that’s all he’s going to do for me, it’s more than enough. 

    A message to my baby:
    Patrice, you are a blessing to your dad and I, and we cannot wait to see you. We are already in love with you, so what more when you’re already in our arms. 

    Interview by Rachel Perez. Photos by Dairy Darilag. Hair and Makeup by Anne Castaño. Check out more photos--and her five pregnany essentuials--in our gallery!

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