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  • Hindi Na Maabot Ang Sahig! 11 'All Too Real' Pregnancy Memes To Make Your Day

    May you find comfort in knowing you’re not the only one going through these struggles.
    by R.M. Mauhay .
Hindi Na Maabot Ang Sahig! 11 'All Too Real' Pregnancy Memes To Make Your Day
PHOTO BY Facebook/TokwaFrappe
  • Hey, moms, let’s get real. Being pregnant is exciting and fun (you’re growing a tiny human inside of you!) until it becomes tiring and stressful (morning sickness — again!) and the cycle has to go on for nine months.

    Don’t worry — you’re not alone. As the pregnancy memes below show, pregnant women are all going through some pretty relatable struggles, and sometimes you just need to laugh it off.

    Funny and relatable pregnancy memes

    Scroll through these photos for a dose of good vibes. Laugh, cry, and reassure yourself that this, too, shall pass.

    1. When you’re working at home, and you just can’t reach the table comfortably

    Working moms-to-be, we feel you! The baby bump gets in the way most of the time and it's hard to find a comfortable sitting position when working on your office space at home. You just can't get used to it!


    2. The urge to urinate all. the. time.

    As your baby gets bigger, your uterus will be pressing on your bladder even more — which means it will be harder to hold your pee! Yep, your bathroom will be your new favorite hangout spot.

    3. Nausea is my favorite — not! 

    Morning sickness, especially during your first trimester, is the just the worst. Sometimes it feels like you're forced to ride a scary rollercoaster every day what with the nausea and the urge to vomit. 

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    4. Baby kicks keeping you awake

    Experts always say preggos need to prioritize sleep, but this is easier said than done when you have an active baby inside of you! Just when you thought your little bean is resting peacefuly in your belly and you can finally get some shuteye, he suddenly gives you a jab and a kick, jolting you wide awake. Baby, please!

    5. When you're just really annoyed about everything


    What can you do? Your pregnancy hormones is messing with your personality and you can't help but get irritated with the littlest things. Buti na lang patient si hubby!

    6. When you're just tired

    Your mood when you enter your third trimester. You're literally tired — so tired. Baby, come out already!

    7. When you can't wait for your little one to come out but he won't


    Look at you channeling Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S! You got to the hospital first and have been laboring for hours, but baby just. won't. come. out. Worse, other preggos around you are ready to give birth. Who wouldn't go crazy?

    8. When your baby just loves to kick

    Your baby is just too energetic and loves to give jabs and kicks like it's already practicing to be a kickboxer or a dancing superstar! While that would be nice, it's also incredibly painful. Kalma lang, 'nak!

    9. Other pregnant women vs me


    They say expecting women have that "pregnancy glow," so where's mine? 

    10. When you can no longer reach the floor

    This is probably the conversation you have with yourself when you drop something on the floor: "Wait, let me just reach that thing I dropped on the floor. Oof, my baby bump is in the way... *reach* Nope. *reach* *huff* I give up!"

    Struggle is real! Relate?

    11. But it's a milestone when you finally get to do it!


    Who can relate to that feeling of achievement when you finally get to clip your toenails after what feels like a hundred years? LOL!


    Sometimes, when your usual relaxing and destressing routine during pregnancy is not enough, finding funny memes on the Internet can be a good way to ease the tension. We hope these gave you a dose of good vibes and a good laugh!

    Can't get enough and want to read more? Check out fun and entertaining comic strips from Chinoy dad, Tokwa Frappe. Read our feature on him here.

    Check out more pregnancy memes here that capture the realities of being pregnant!

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