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Ready Ka Na Bang Magka-Baby #2? Check These 5 Signs
  • Any parent will agree that having kids is tough but very rewarding. As moms would always say, it's the best job in the world!

    That said, motherhood is something many of us want to experience many times over, as much as our health and finances would allow. In fact, even those who've said they are fine with just one child often change their mind and decide to have more, for a number of reasons (of course, having even one is already a big blessing!).

    Are you that mom contemplating if you are ready to have another baby? These signs mean you probably are!

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    Signs you're ready for baby #2

    1. You miss holding a tiny one in your arms.

    Time goes by so quickly, and looking at your child now may make you realize how long it's actually been (and how big he's grown!) since your little one was ... well, little. Didn't he used to fit inside your arms?


    2. You miss being pregnant.

    Pregnancy is by no means easy, but there are certain perks pregnant women enjoy, and it's something you might yearn for. Some women miss being given extra pampering by their husbands and family members. Of course, nothing compares to that wonderful feeling of a new life growing inside you. 

    3. Missing your period feels like a good kind of scare.

    While some may feel terrified after being delayed for a few days, you actually enjoy the idea. You also feel a special kind of thrill taking that pregnancy test, and the anticipation of finding out if the result is positive or negative (and kinda feel disappointed if it turns out to be negative.)

    4. You feel like your child doesn't need you as much as before.

    As kids grow, they slowly learn to do things by themselves. And that's all good! One of a parent's greatest achievements is in being able to raise kids who are independent, although many times, it may be heartbreaking to see them go at it without our help. Although it may seem a little selfish, a mother's heart always wants her kids to need her.

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    5. You feel like your family is not yet complete.

    What, really, is a complete family? For some, it's having boys and girls. For others, at least three kids will be it, while for others still, even one child is enough. Only you and your partner can decide what it will be for you. 

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