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  • Real Preggos on Perks: 'Kung Hindi Visible ang Baby Bump Hindi Priority'

    Priority lane for pregnant women is a must. But should there be rules?
    by Kitty Elicay .
Real Preggos on Perks: 'Kung Hindi Visible ang Baby Bump Hindi Priority'
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  • Pregnancy can both be the happiest and hardest experience. While the thought of having a tiny human growing inside your belly is exciting, you’ll also have to deal with dozens of pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, back pain, headaches, and pagmamanas (swelling of the ankles and feet).

    Instead of dwelling on the negative, most soon-to-be-mamas focus on the positive a.k.a. unexpected perks that you can only get when you have a bun in the oven! Things like not having to line up at queues and getting priority parking space are little comforts offered to pregnant women.

    But should there be “rules” for following pregnancy perks and are there improvements that can still be made to make a preggo’s life easier? Over at our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, moms share their experiences when it comes to these sweet incentives:

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    Lining up
    Most public transportations afford courtesy to pregnant women. The Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) has a priority area for senior citizens, PWDs (persons with disabilities), parents with young children, and pregnant women. When it comes to queuing in public transport terminals, pregnant women are prioritized. However, most moms in our Village agree that pregnant women should also mirror the courtesy being offered to them, especially when allocating slots for companions.

    “Sa FX terminal ‘di na pumipila kapag buntis — pero visible bump dapat. And I think up to one companion lang ang pwede. Kasi ‘pag hindi ma mang-aaway sa’yo na pasahero,” one mom shares.

    However, some moms pointed out that pregnant women without the ‘discernible’ bump should also be treated the same. “Lalo na sa first trimester, kasi mas madalas pa magka-morning sickness,” one mom says. “Usually kasi ‘pag malaki na lang talaga tiyan saka nila pinauuna.”

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    On the other hand, while most supermarkets and banks have designated seats for senior citizens, PWDs, and pregnant women, some customers still frown upon companions lining up in priority lanes — which is why most preggos prefer using regular lanes.

    “If people will acknowledge and paunahin ako, then ‘thank you.’ Pero if not, I don’t mind lining up,” one mom notes.

    Priority parking slots
    When you’re pregnant, you can actually park at spaces provided and reserved for PWDs, which is pretty helpful because some preggos easily get tired when walking long distances. However, most moms in the Village noted that security guards are more courteous when they see a visible bump.

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    What can be improved?
    While some of these perks are considered ‘unspoken rules’, many of our soon-to-be-moms lamented that some establishments don’t consider pregnant women a priority, which is especially hard if it requires queueing and standing for an extended period.

    “Siguro para fair, payag na tayo dun sa visibly pregnant kasi kung maliit pa naman ang tiyan mo, kayang-kaya mo pa pumila sa ordinary line,” one mom said. “Pero hindi ‘yung bondat na at manas ka pa at kitang-kita naman nila na hirap ka na sa pila pero wala pa rin silang pakielam.”

    Preggos know not to expect special treatment. After all, not everyone is sensitive enough to offer you a seat on the bus or train (yes, even if you’re in the priority area), or help you carry your belongings. But, in general, people are nicer and extend their patience when it comes to pregnant women.

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    In a previous article, one mom-to-be shared that a traffic enforcer helped her cross the street, while another shared that when she stood up to get a macaroni salad refill at a restaurant, "The manager approached us with a bowl of macaroni salad and said 'pregnant women deserve to have what they crave for'.” Aww!

    And if you’re really uncomfortable, there’s no harm in asking! “Every time may mahabang pila, nakikiusap ako kung pwede bang maka-insert. So far wala naman akong negative experience,” one mom said. So don’t stress—just have a little faith in humanity!

    What is your experience when it comes to these pregnancy perks? Comment below!

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