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  • Roxanne Barcelo Shares Hilot, Meditation, And More Helped Her Body Prep For Pregnancy

    The 36-year-old shares it didn't take that long for her to get pregnant.
    by Kitty Elicay .
  • In 2020, actress and vlogger Roxanne Barcelo surprised everyone with her announcement that she got married in the middle of the pandemic and that she and her husband were already expecting their first child.

    The 36-year-old mom-to-be shared that she did not expect to get pregnant this early as her doctor had told her that it might take a while. “Ang iniisip namin ng husband ko that it would take us a year kasi ‘yun yung sabi ng OB-GYN. Yun, so it didn’t take that long.”

    How Roxanne Barcelo prepped for pregnancy

    In one of the vlogs uploaded on her YouTube channel, Roxanne detailed how she and her husband prepared their bodies for pregnancy. However, she emphasized that she was not an expert and was only basing it on her experience, consultations with her doctor, and research.

    Here are the things she did to increase her chances of conceiving:


    1. Hilot

    Roxanne shares that she tried hilot specifically for her uterus. She did it once every two weeks for four months.

    “Hilot siya literally na inangat ‘yung matres ko,” the actress says. “Iba ‘yung pressure points niya, nasa lower abdomen siya tapos iaangat ‘yung matres."

    She was advised to try it especially because she regularly lifts weights. “There are times na bumababa ‘yung womb natin ‘pag nagbubuhat tayo ng mabibigat. It’s not because hindi natin kaya… kaya naman natin but may effect siya internally. Sabi ng manghihilot,” she clarifies.

    2. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is believed to help bring down stress levels, which can make a person more conducive to conceiving. When Roxanne told the doctor that she wanted to get pregnant, the doctor explained that some body parts should be avoided so that her reproductive area can receive good energy and “Qi” (which helps a person feel balanced and centered).

    3. At-home sauna

    Going to the sauna is one way to detoxify and cleanse your body — studies have shown traces of toxins can be found in a person’s sweat. This is probably the reason why Roxanne chose to do an at-home sauna (she found an affordable ‘tent’ sauna which she bought online).

    However, What To Expect cautions women trying to conceive from overdoing it. “If you like it hot, you can soak, steam or sweat to your heart’s content in a hot tub, sauna, steam room or mud bath in the lead-up to pregnancy.

    “But if you’re actively trying to conceive, it’s probably best to cool it, since becoming overheated can interfere with conception,” according to the website. It might also affect sperm production for men.

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    4. Supplements

    Experts say that couples who want to have a baby may benefit from including certain vitamins in their diet. And while Roxanne shared an extensive list, it’s best to consult your doctor first before taking any supplements.

    Here’s what she took to increase her chances of conceiving:

    • Folic acid – can be taken before pregnancy to help prevent serious neural birth defects
    • Maca Root – a “superfood” that supposedly increases your libido and energy
    • Protein powder – “My doctor told me I needed to [put] more weight pero ‘yung quality weight. [So] more muscle vs. fat”
    • Prenatal multivitamins – “I needed to introduce multivatimins into my diet kasi before hindi talaga ako umiinom”
    • Prenatal probiotics – helps keep the gut healthy
    • Ashwagandha – a medicinal herb that supposedly “regulates the hormones and make the reproductive system healthier”
    • Raspberry tea leaf – “helps with a woman’s menstruation and uterus”
    • Red clover tea – “good for overall reproductive health”

    5. Meditation for fertility

    Some women stress about getting pregnant. Practicing mindfulness can help you relax and find some peace.

    Roxanne shares that she searched for meditation exercises on YouTube. “Even if it takes 10 minutes of your day to just allow your body to calm down, your mind to calm down and for you to be really in a state na you’re welcoming that energy that life into you,” she shares.

    Of course, getting pregnant also involves your partner. In the vlog, Roxanne shared a list of the things that her husband did to make sure his body was in its best state.


    “He exercises five days a week for at least 20 minutes. No smoking, no alcohol, no coffee. Took 7 hours of sleep every day,” she shares. “Ate healthy and listened to a lot of music.”

    The actress also shared jokingly, “He never put his balls in the jacuzzi or the Amazon river.”

    Roxanne points out in the vlog that it’s easier said than done, but she and her husband tried their best to keep their body healthy to increase their chances of conceiving. “Lahat ng ginawa namin are things that we had to work on every day,” she shares.

    Trying to get pregnant? Click here for more tips from real moms!

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