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  • 13 Sex Positions for Deep Penetration to Help You Get Pregnant!

    Want to get pregnant right away? Try one (or all?!) of these sex positions.
    by Rachel Perez .
13 Sex Positions for Deep Penetration to Help You Get Pregnant!
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    Whatever sex position you try, we all know that pregnancy won't happen if you're having intercourse outside of your ovulation days (but it's nice to have fun with the hubby, yes?). To find out when you're fertile you need to know your menstrual cycle. Ovulation often falls around Day 10 to 22 of your cycle, counting the first day of your menstruation as Day 1. (These apps can help you find out when you are ovulating.)

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    Good sex positions to get pregnant

    Now that we've got the timing clear, the next question is: what are good sex positions to get pregnant and do they really work?  There is only one thing experts are entirely sure about: every time a couple has sex — regardless of position —during the woman's ovulation period they have a 50-50 chance of conception, as long as you or your partner do not have any fertility issue. 

    There might be sex positions that may be more suitable for a woman who has an abnormal positioning of the uterus or a shorter vaginal canal, or a man who has a short penis, and even for people who experience painful sex. But there is no guarantee that sex position will make you a baby. However, there is no harm in trying these theories about sex positions and conception, right? 


    This position, the man on top and the woman on her back, offers deep penetration and works with gravity. "Because the vagina naturally slopes downward, resting on your back after sex allows sperm to pool there, which gives them an edge in swimming toward your egg," says reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Christopher Williams, M.D., author of The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally. This may work best for two-thirds of the women population who have the typical anteverted uterus or a uterus that is tilted forward. 

    Doggie Style

    The woman is on all fours as the man enters her vagina from behind. Some people say this is perfect for women with a retroverted uterus. Others enjoy the doggie style sex position because it allows for deeper penetration than the missionary — it is also said to have a higher chance of hitting the woman's G-spot. It opens up the cervix more than other sex positions, making it easier for sperms to make their way inside. 

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    Rear Entry

    Similar to the doggie style, the rear entry is a sex position where the woman lies on her stomach as the man penetrates her from behind. Research published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy found rear entry sex positions allows the penis to reach and ejaculate sperm closer to the cervix. It means that the man's sperm doesn't need to do a lot to get into the woman's cervical mucus, which is the liquid it swims in to get to the egg. 

    Leg on Shoulders

    Positions like this can give you a different angle than the trusted missionary and may hit her G-spot as well. Dr. Williams does say that raising the woman's legs and lifting her hips may add little to none to the chances of conception. (But it can't hurt.) 

    Raise it Up

    This position is basically the missionary with one difference: a pillow is placed underneath the woman's pelvic area to help lift her hips. "Placing a pillow under your pelvis during intercourse in the missionary position may increase the upward tilt of the vagina, potentially improving reception of semen," according to reproductive endocrinologist Anate Brauer, M.D.

    Another thing that may help with missionary positions and its variations is for the woman to stay lying down for a few minutes after orgasm. According to fertility specialist Sonia Elguero, M.D., lying down for just about five to ten minutes after intercourse is enough. If you're not in a hurry, enjoy the after-sex glow and stretch that time lounging in bed to 15 minutes, a time frame that was based on a study on intrauterine insemination (IUI).

    Side-lying Missionary

    This is another variation of the missionary position where the couple lies side by side, facing each other, as the male enters the female. Like the missionary, this can offer deep entry. You have to lie on your back as soon as partner ejaculates to let the sperm find its way towards the direction of your egg. 

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    Glowing Triangle and The Bridge

    Glowing Triangle is another twist to the missionary sex position, where the woman is on her back while the man is on top. But the difference is the man is on all fours with his leg extended; your pelvis is slightly raised, and you can wrap your legs around your partner's legs. With The Bridge, instead of having the man's legs extended, he is kneeling with your hips raised towards his pelvis. You're lying on your back, and your pelvic area is lifted up to make sure gravity works in your favor. 

    Spooning and Scissors

    If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, these may help. Start with the spooning position where your partner enters you from behind while you're both lying on our side. As for the scissors position, think of it as you and your partner in an X position, with both your legs opened to allow deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation.  

    The Linguini 

    From side-lying missionary, you may also move towards this sex position where you lie on your back with your legs in a right angle position. The man kneels and pushes one of his knees between your legs so he can penetrate like he would in the missionary position. The woman now on her aside will have her pelvis slightly raised as her partner thrusts. You are lying on your back, or at least not standing up or sitting; your pelvis is raised; it offers deep penetration, and it may also hit the G-spot. 

    Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl

    Cowgirl sex position is the woman to top, while reverse cowgirl is a variation where the woman is still on top but facing backward. The latter, some say, work for women with a retroverted uterus. You're working against gravity and physics, but these are pegged as sex positions that make the woman more likely to orgasm because she's in control of the depth and pacing of thrusts.

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    Reproductive physiologist Joanna Ellington, Ph.D., in the British documentary The Great Sperm Race, said that men who are fully aroused will ejaculate up to 50 percent more, and women's uterine contractions during orgasm may help the sperm swim into your cervix. Some doctors, though, argue that mild contractions in the womb during sex are enough to help the sperm along. 

    Feel free to do the sex position that pleasures you and your partner the most. No pressure, no stress. That helps, too!

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