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  • Smoking Damages Fertility in Men, Women and Future Offspring, Says 2 Studies

    Two recent studies show stronger evidence associating smoking with increased chances of decreased fertility in men and women, as well as their future offspring.
  • cigaretteA new study reveals that the amount of germ cells decreased in women who smoke during early pregnancy. The number of germ cells, or reproductive cells, is indicative of fertility as these develop into either egg cells or sperm cells. As for men, another study shows that smoking causes the level of protamine, a protein in males, to be reduced. Protamine plays an important role in sperm fertility.

    Research in recent years have already showed the effects of smoking to male and female fertility. Male smokers’ sperm had a harder time binding to an egg while females were more inclined to have decreased chances of getting pregnant due to exposure to secondhand smoke.

    Aside from this, male smokers were found to have a heightened chance for “oxidative stress,” which can damage the DNA of sperm.

    Experts highly recommend that men and women refrain from smoking before trying to conceive a baby.

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