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  • This Is the Number of Times You Should Have Sex to Have a Baby

    Someone actually came up with a magic number LOL! Time to get busy.
    by Rachel Perez .
This Is the Number of Times You Should Have Sex to Have a Baby
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  • Of course, making a baby is not all down to luck. You need to, you know, work hard, and, er, be as precise as possible, which means keeping track of your ovulation period. Now, can we be precise as to how many times you need to have sex to conceive? Well, we didn't there was a magic number. How can there be when we've all heard stories of women getting pregnant just after one love encounter? But it hasn't stopped one parenting site to give it a number.  

    According to a new survey by ChannelMum.com, it takes a couple 78 times on average before they conceive based on answers from 1,194 British parents. The survey adds that is more than the usual number of times if they weren't aiming to get pregnant. 

    The survey also showed that couples get dirty under the sheets 13 times each a month on average while attempting to make a baby. "Far from being an unlucky number, 13 seems to be the lucky number couples need each month to fall pregnant," founder of ChannelMum.com Siobhan Freegard told The New York Post. Not all couples should rely on luck, though, as only a third of the couples got pregnant after just one month of trying. 

    "Typically, it takes a total of 185 days from deciding to conceive to getting a positive pregnancy test — the equivalent of six months and three days," the New York Post reported. 

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    Another precious tidbit from the survey: 18 percent of the couples admitted that sex could sometimes feel like a chore. About half of the respondents felt pressured to conceive because they're afraid they wouldn’t be able to do at all. 


    Most women didn’t have issues making the first move if it helps them to get pregnant, while 13 percent invested in sexy lingerie to get their partner in the mood. Some couples thought sexual position mattered; the most popular was the missionary position and doggy style came in second. One in 16 couples booked a vacation for the purpose of procreating, while 39 percent improved their diet and took extra vitamins. 

    One-fifth of the couples took one to three years before they conceived, but take note that only half of the couple had sex purposively during their fertile days. "While trying to conceive can be fun, it is also hard work, stressful, and not every couple is lucky enough to conceive, so while you're focused on the baby, try to remember about each other too," Freegard, added. 

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    And speaking of your spouse and your relationship, another new study of 96 newlywed couples found that the supposed "afterglow" you get from sex may just be a real thing. Published in the journal Psychological Science, the study found the sexual "afterglow" was strong when sex was more satisfying. That glow, according to the lead study author and psychological scientist Andrea Meltzer, could for about two days and is associated with better relationships quality over time, she said via a press release.

    According to the study, couples who get high levels of sexual afterglow seemed to fare better than couples who just had sex because they felt obligated to do so. They reported higher initial marital satisfaction and less steep declines in satisfaction across the first four to six months of marriage. And it was consistent with any gender or age. It also did depend on how often you had sex, the couple's personality traits, or how long they've been together. 

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    Technically, from a fertility standpoint and age, couples are only recommended to go to the doctor and get checked if they’re still not pregnant after a year of trying. If you’re not in anywhere near that threshold, just enjoy and have as many orgasms as you can. 

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