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This Mom Was Not Letting Bed Rest Get in the Way of Adventure
PHOTO BY Kristen Somody Whalen/Instagram
  • Being on bed rest is both a blessing and a curse. You think you finally have the time to do things you've always wanted--sleep, read books, watch movies, take up knitting, sleep some more. And one week in, you've realized bed rest is going to be more challenging than you realized. 

    For Kristen Somody Whalen, an artist, fashion photographer, and mom-to-be from New York, she took it as chance to do what she loves best: creating art.

    Kristen went through seven years of infertility issues and a miscarriage before she got pregnant with her first child. Through it all, her art helped her cope with feelings of heartbreak and sadness as she watched her friends and families have children. "I could either spend my time and money on treatments or I could use my time and money to pursue my dreams. I chose the latter," she told The Huffington Post

    Given her history, it was no surprise that it was a delicate pregnancy. But when her 
    water broke nine weeks earlier than her due date, the doctors asked Kristen to go on bed rest so she could make it at least six weeks more before delivering her baby  

    Kristen was determined to keep the positive vibes flowing. "The night I was admitted I had my husband drive to the house to pick up my watercolors. I knew the best way to keep myself and baby (a boy!) happy and peaceful was to paint and create so that’s what I’ve been doing," she said.


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    She called it her "Prenatal Bed Rest Program," and she created whimsical watercolor illustrations of a pregnant woman having quite the adventure. She used flowers for the woman's head with the legs sporting high-fashion designer heels. The series was aptly titled Flowers with Legs. Look! 

    1. Her first artwork after being admitted in the hospital, a.k.a. her prenatal painting studio

    2. Because part of Kristen's bed rest program includes having a lot of fresh air--inspired by the helipad right outside her window

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    3. And she also did a little sky diving.

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    4. Since Kristen and her baby are doing well, a wild wheelchair ride is just the way to celebrate

    5. After an ultrasound showed she had very little amniotic fluid left, Kristen decided to go waterskiing, you know, to replenish it.


    6. Inspired by the handmade gift Kristen received, she wanted to knit one herself while skateboarding in the hospital halls.

    7. News of giving birth without the help of an epidural inspired this one


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    8. Kristen's been doing a little kickboxing--maybe her son is kicking about?

    9. She obviously wants a pedicure. (The struggle is real, we know!)

    10. Because her soon-to-be born son received his very first pony, she decided to test-ride it in preparation for labor.


    As of this writing, Kristen and her son are doing well. 

    Visit Kristen's Instagram or her blog for a more details about her amazing pregnancy journey. 

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