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  • By Stephanie Castillo

    The rate of teen pregnancy has skyrocketed over the years, and with it the uproar over young mothers who aren’t far from children themselves. Public figures in the youth sector are no exception: actress Jamie Lynn Spears (little sister to Britney) was pregnant at 17 and Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol at 18. Even popular culture has picked up on the “trend” (for lack of a better word)—the 2007 film Juno, starring Ellen Page as a teenaged mother, drew not only critical acclaim but also heated debates over its touchy subject matter.
    Because of this, it’s essential that you discuss procreation—and the right time to do it—with your own children, so they can avoid the difficulties of becoming a teen parent. If you don’t have children (yet), it’s also important that you ask yourself these questions: When is the right time to get pregnant? Am I ready at this age? Do I even want children? The answers you come up with could be your first steps toward potential family planning! To find out where you stand on the matter, answer our poll below.

    What for you is the idea age to get pregnant, share your opinion by voting in FemaleNetwork's poll when you click here.

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