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  • 5 Preggy Summer Must-Have Products

    The summer’s extra heat and humidity can put a toll on preggy women’s extra sensitive skin and body temperature. Arm yourself with these must-have products to keep comfy and cool.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • During pregnancy, a woman’s body temperature goes higher than normal. With the dramatic changes going on in a pregnant woman’s body, additional heat caused by the summer’s temperature adds extra discomfort.

    This also heightens a preggy woman’s risk for dehydration, which can potentially trigger some medical conditions on her and her unborn child. For instance, when a pregnant woman is dehydrated, a portion of her blood volume is lost, boosting the amount of oxytocin, a hormone which triggers contractions.

    There are simple ways by which preggy women can keep cool, hydrated and comfortable. Here are some summer essentials we recommend to battle the heat.


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