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6 Safe (and Oh-so-Good!) Positions for Pregnant Sex
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  • Many moms swear that sex was great, if not better, when they're expecting. In fact, a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that some 40 percent of women want more sex during pregnancy than they had before they were pregnant. Maybe it's the hormones--everything in pregnancy usually has something to do with them. 

    Sadly, pregnant sex is not for women who have pregnancy complications, are considered high-risk--most especially those who are at risk for pre-term labor. If find yourself wanting to make love, you can give in to your desires after consulting your doctor. Techincally speaking, you can have sex as many times you want as long as your pregnancy is progressing normally. 

    Still, you can't be as adventurous. Make sure you don't put pressure on the belly or your abdomen or lie flat on your back. Your comfort should also still be a top consideration. That means remember to go slow and stop right away if you feel abdominal cramps, fatigue, or heaviness, or anything beyond the normal. 

    Below are the safest and pleasurable sex positions you can enjoy while pregnant. 

    1 Spoon
    You and your partner lie sideways as he enters you from behind. Lie on your left side to increase blood circulation. For variation, have his hands all over your body, or open your legs a bit and direct his hands to pleasure you down there! 

    2 You On Top
    Also known as Cowgirl, you're on top and in control--and it gives your bump plenty of room. Stay attuned to your body so you can adjust how deep of how fast you go. If your partner likes the view of your behind, do a reverse cowgirl then, it's still no problemo. 

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    3 Have A Seat
    Basically, you're on top but on a chair. Have your partner sit on a chair as you do your thing with your back turned from him. You can also do this facing him if the space between can still accommodate your bump. Make sure to choose a low chair, one that allows you to put your feet firmly on the ground and anchor your movement. 

    4 On The Edge
    Lie on the bed (or couch) with your butt close to the edge while your partner is on his knees and enters you. You can also do a standing missionary: Sit on a sturdy counter or table as your partner stands and thrusts inside you. Normal missionary position could still work during the earlier months of pregnancy, when your bump is not too big yet and as long as your partner doesn't put his weight on you. Also prop some pillows on your behind so you're not lying flat on the bed.

    5 Rear-entry
    You can have it traditional Doggy-style with you on all fours on the bed, or Leap Frog-style, which is similar to doggy but with your arms and head resting on the bed for support (but only feasible if your belly is still tiny). You can also be kneel on couch and rest your hands on the back rest, or stand up and bend forward with a table or chair to place your hands on for support. Feeling more adventurous? Stand and face a wall (lean on it for support) as your partner "searches" you from behind. 

    6 Lazy Sex
    For shallow penetration, lie on the bed face-to-face with your legs intertwined. If you want it deeper, let your bodies form an X shape, which gives your partner more room to thrust. You can also do the side-saddle: Lie down and have both your legs propped over partner as he enters you from a 90-degree angle. He'll be doing all the work on this one.

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