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    Because women experience morning sickness differently, there is no one-size-fits-all cure to relieve one of it. Production of hormones can’t be prevented so the symptoms can’t be eliminated and only properly managed. But here are some tried techniques that may work for you:

    Tip 1: Have small, frequent feedings.
    Dr. Crisologo states that it is all right to give in to food cravings while pregnant, as long as you take everything in moderation. When you experience a loss of appetite, it’s good to be able to take in whatever food appeals to you and feels tolerable. Dr. Campaña suggests gelatin, crackers, and milk, or soft (bland) foods like lugaw and oatmeal, which are easier to digest. Have small frequent snacks; taking in too much food releases more of the stomach’s acids, which may trigger the vomiting.

    Tip 2: Find a snack to help curb that “metallic taste.”
    Anna Beltran, 28, shares that the bitter taste inside the mouth is exactly what she used to feel during her pregnancy. What worked for her was chewing on candies that made the awful taste subside. Others suggest sucking on lemons or lemon candy, munching on ginger biscuits, or sipping ginger tea. Dr. Crisologo suggests using real ginger, about two tablespoons of crushed ginger in warm water with honey. If these still don’t work for you, explore other options: Try certain fruits, dark chocolate, or even ice cubes. A word of caution though, if it’s sand, paper, or other inorganic material you crave (a condition known as pica), it would surely be safer to snack on something else!

    Tip 3: Try vitamin B Complex.
    Studies have shown that the B Complex vitamins (Vitamin B1, B6, and B12) have also been effective in helping curb morning sickness. Because these are water-soluble vitamins, there is also no harm of toxicity or harmful effect on the baby.


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