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  • A Pregnant Mom's Body Changes: The Good, The Bad, And The Icky

    Get a heads-up on how your body will change during pregnancy.
    by Rachel Perez . Published Jul 6, 2010
A Pregnant Mom's Body Changes: The Good, The Bad, And The Icky
  • Hormonal changes, weight gain, morning sickness, stretch marks, and fatigue will dominate your pregnant mom lexicon. With the help of ob-gynecologist Marie Victoria Cruz, M.D., SMART PARENTING gives neophyte expectant moms a primer on the good, the bad, and the icky of pregnancy.


    THE GOOD, Things you can look forward to


    That “pregnancy glow.” The so-called “glow” actually has biological basis. The increased volume of blood causes the cheeks to take on an attractive blush. On top of this natural blush, the  increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen, similar to the one non-pregnant people experience when they are excited, crying, or doing something that increases their heart rate (which pregnancy does constantly). Some experience it during the first trimester, while some are “aglow” all throughout the nine months.


    Increased appetite (and all the justification for it!). This begins in the first trimester, increases throughout pregnancy, and continues onto the time you begin to breastfeed your baby. It’s important, though, to keep in mind that, first and foremost, you need to eat healthy. Though you may think you’re “eating for two,” you cannot binge all the way. There is a ceiling to how much weight a pregnant woman may gain (25-30 lbs on average, though this varies according to age, pre-pregnancy weight, and other health factors); make sure you stay well within those limits.

    Cup size, upsize! This is due to the increasing number of glands and fatty tissues in preparation for lactation during the first half of pregnancy. Breasts swell, tingle, and throb, and may feel heavy and tender as milk glands develop. Wear a bra that fits right to provide proper support to your breasts.


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