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  • Q:  I’m now 33 weeks and 15 days pregnant. Is it safe for me to take goat's milk in tablet form? I’ve seen on the internet that it’s good for pregnant mothers because it’s rich in calcium. My OB-Gyne and other doctors don’t agree.
    A: I guess the more important question is why do you feel that you need to take goat’s milk in tablet form? Most dietary supplements are not as strictly regulated as prescription pharmaceuticals. 
    Err on the side of safety

    In that sense, I usually like to err on the side of safety and use the most natural supplement available: food. If you just don't enjoy drinking milk or are mildly lactose intolerant, cheese and yogurt can be a good alternative source of calcium in pregnancy.  
    Alternatives for lactose intolerant moms

    If you are very lactose intolerant and cannot digest any form of dairy, there are other foods rich in calcium that you can substitute as an alternative. Dark green vegetables such as spinach and mustard greens are rich in calcium and a lot of other vitamins that are good for you.  Beans such as lentils and monggo are not only rich in fiber but are also an excellent source of calcium. In terms of other food, sardines are also good sources of calcium if you eat the bones. Just make sure that you cook the fish thoroughly to avoid any parasitic infections.  Also ensure that the fish is fresh and mercury free. Good luck on the remainder of your pregnancy and have fun with your new baby!

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