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  • expectant momHow can some pregnant women put on about 20 pounds and still look positively radiant? They glow and exude bubbly happiness. Even the way they waddle around is cute.

    If you’re pregnant and feel fat, clumsy, uneasy, and generally just yucky—relax.  You’re probably among the larger group of womanity who get a case of the “yuckies” when pregnancy hormones kick in.

    Several women share their own experiences with the “yuckies” of pregnancy, and Marge dela Rosa, an OB-gynecologist at the Makati Medical Center, gives tips on how to handle them. The good news is that while some of these will just have to be endured, a lot more can be dealt with through a cheerful disposition, self-confidence, and creativity.

    CAUSE: The reality is, you will gain anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds during the 30-plus weeks that you will be carrying your baby.

    REAL-LIFE DRAMA: Ella Valdez, a mother of 2 boys, says, “I have always been on the thin side, but putting on about 25 pounds when I was pregnant really made my self-confidence nosedive. People telling me that I looked better with a fuller figure didn’t help. But then I thought ‘Deadma! Buntis ako, eh, bakit ba?’ I would wear plunging necklines—taking advantage of my enlarged breasts—and short skirts with boots. The unconventional outfits made me feel less losyang and more proud of being pregnant.”

    One difficulty with being plump was that it clashed with the increased libido that comes with pregnancy. Ella adds, “You start off really craving for sex and then when you’re actually there, your sexual appetite really deflates. It’s impossible to feel sexy when you’re as big as a blimp. But it helped that my partner shared my enthusiasm about my wanting to still be active even though I was so huge. It somehow strengthened our bond knowing that he was still attracted to me, no matter what shape my body took on.”

    EXPERT ADVICE: While you are eating for two, eating should still be done in moderation. Monitor your weight gain and food intake. Avoid food high in sugar.

    While sex during pregnancy is safe, refrain from it from 36 weeks onwards.  Orgasm after 32 weeks of pregnancy may induce premature labor. If you have a low-lying placenta, placenta previa, a history of miscarriage or premature labor, consult your OB about sexual relations.


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