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  • Pregnant Women Urged to Get Flu Shot, Doctors Advise

    Health officials are urging pregnant women to receive the flu vaccine in order to protect themselves and their unborn babies from the virus.
  • flu shotA study from the Centers for Disease Control in the United States reveals that almost twice the amount of pregnant women in 10 states surveyed received the flu vaccine in 2009-2010 than in 2007-2009.

    Medical experts are encouraging pregnant women to get the flu shot to shield both themselves and their unborn children.

    Pregnant women are four times at risk for catching the flu than non-pregnant women, as pregnancy puts a toll on the woman’s immune system and natural defenses against sickness.

    Giving pregnant women the flu shot has caused a lot of debate and confusion because a number of experts still doubt its safety. Health officials emphasize, in response, the greater danger that catching the flu virus poses rather than receiving the flu shot for it.

    The report also mentioned that many pregnant women didn’t get the flu shot for fear that it may harm the unborn baby.

    Women who were able to receive the pandemic flu the previous year are still required to get re-vaccinated this year to protect themselves against the virus. The H1N1 virus is still one of the most predominant viruses this 2010.

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