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Rona Tai Celebrates Her Strong Pregnant Body
PHOTO BY @rownita/Instagram
  • Rona Tai, pregnant with her first child, has used her platform on Instagram to promote body positivity.

    Aside from speaking out against body-shamers and their rude comments, Rona takes time to celebrate the strength of her pregnant body.

    The soon-to-be mom wrote on her recent photo post, "I am proud of this strong body.

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    "My body has gone thru so much from knee surgeries, ectopic pregnancy, aches & pains, yet it still continues to fight and now support a growing baby inside.

    "So ladies, count your blessings and not your blemishes."


    Eric "Eruption" Tai fully supports his wife in sending good vibes online, but when needed, he will come to his woman's rescue.

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    On Instagram Stories, Rona shared a snap of Eric's clapback to a netizen who left a rude remark on a Facebook post by Pep.ph with a photo of Rona in a swimsuit in it. 

    "Magkano kilo ng baboy ngayon," the netizen said, to which Eric replied, "Murang-mura ngayon, kasing cheap ng profile pic mo pre."

    Rona expressed pride for her husband's gesture by adding to the image the text "Shots fired. When my husband claps back!"

    PHOTO BY @rownita/Instagram
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    Previously, Rona and Eric had a hard time conceiving.

    They were encouraged to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization (IVF), especially since Rona had already lost her fallopian tubes and left ovary.

    Expenses for the procedure were costly, and the couple had to save at least PHP300,000.

    Thankfully, the costs were worth it as Rona and Eric happily announced in August that they were expecting a baby.


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    Treasure the blessings

    Early this month, Rona also gave a shout-out to her fellow plus-size pregnant women.

    She wrote, "Every mom-to-be (especially first time mothers) is always full of apprehension [scared] that they might not be up to the task and might mess things up one way or another.

    "For plus size women, this feeling is magnified by the numerous sources that speak of doom for babies born of plus-size mothers or the numerous risks associated with said pregnancies.

    "Most worry that they might be hurting their babies in one way or another and are always in a state of doubt and fear with the wish that others knew the internal torment they are already going through. So there is no need to quote the statistics or repeat a scary fact you read somewhere.

    "I treasure this blessing more than anyone could ever know."



    With additional report by Rachel Perez

    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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