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  • Study Confirms Exercise is Safe for Pregnant Women until Third Trimester

    Find out what exercise is considered safe for pregnant women until their third trimester.
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    In the study, 45 women who were between their 28th and 32nd week of pregnancy were made to jog on a treadmill for 30 minutes at moderate intensity. The researchers defined this setting as one that would elicit 40 to 59 percent of the expectant moms’ maximum heart rate. 15 of these women did not exercise regularly, while the remaining 30 had 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week.

    Before and after each workout, Szymanski measured the fetuses’ heart rates and blood flow with a Doppler ultrasound. Aside from these, a biophysical ultrasound was also used in order to detect if the baby’s movement was normal.

    The results showed that even if the fetus’s heart rate would go up after the workout, this as well as the blood flow and biophysical stats stayed within the normal range, which indicated that the baby was not being deprived of oxygen or blood.

    As in any other exercise, though, pregnant women should consult their ob-gyne or their physician prior to engaging in any strenuous physical activity to check if these are suitable for them, since every pregnancy is different. Also, Dr. Hye Heo, ob-gyne at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, advises that pregnant women should always keep track of how they’re feeling and follow their instinct to stop exercising the moment they feel tired or notice any pain or cramping. Check out these pregnancy exercise do’s and don’ts for more information.

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    Photo from commons.wikimedia.org

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