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  • The 10 Oddest Behaviors of Pregnant Women

    Do you hate the smell of food you once loved? Do you cry at almost anything? You're not alone.
    by Jazer Basan .
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  • pregnant moodyIs being demanding and unreasonable the road to motherhood? SP Forum members share with us odd but amusing behaviors they went through while pregnant.

    1. Bottomless Hunger
    Like many pregnant women, Leigh Llemit  didn't have appetite on her first 2 months of pregnancy, but turned into a voracious eater once past that stage. Like 20-year old Lhei Parafina, she could always be found snacking on something, or wake up in the wee hours craving for food, like Bernice Aletha Redondiez, which made it necessary to place small snack items by the bed. On her 3rd trimester, she'd wake up her husband in the middle of the night to make her a sandwich.

    After getting over the morning sickness phase, pregnant women regain their appetite and even become hungrier than normal. Since heartburn is common in pregnancy, small frequent meals are recommended specially now that they need more calories but not enough space in their tummy when the baby grows.

    2. Pain Problem
    Mhae Aldaba would wake up her husband in the middle of the night for a back massage. As pain and pregnancy go together, one should find ways to deal with it. 34-year-old Marithe has a longer-than-average tail bone which bothered her when she got pregnant. She always needed a padding to sit on to cushion her tailbone. Sitting became unbearable when her tummy grew bigger that she needed a portable sitting pad to use in public vehicles, at work and when dining out. Her husband has to rush to spread it before her like a throne for a Queen. Unbearable pain should not be ignored. Always consult with your doctor if medication is needed.

    3. Hubby Hater
    Joy Marie Amante-Reterta would quarrel with her husband who's oceans away. Cavite mom Janet Esguerra would even wait for her husband to come home to pick up a fight and would cry if he, anticipating her intentions, doesn't show up. Sheila May Tan would keep her husband at home not only for company but to fight and ignore him as well. Anna Marie, a mommy of three would pack her husband's bags and leave it out the door. "Lagi ko pinalalayas ang hubby ko. I'll start a fight tapos ako rin ang iiyak and it's mostly about walang kuwentang bagay.". Why this behavior? While everything is blamed on the hormones, getting angry can also be caused by the impairment or limitations of being pregnant, since suddenly a woman is not as free to move as she pleases. Her only anchor to sanity: her partner who takes the blame when the wife is disappointed (poor Pete).


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