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    Iron is an integral part of many proteins and enzymes maintaining good health, essential for oxygen transport, regulation of cell growth and differentiation, immunity, and optimum overall physical performance.  

    Why Iron?
    Adequate consumption of iron helps prevent iron deficiency anemia (IDA), responsible for premature birth and low birth weight. According to a study by the FNRI-DOST, it has also been associated with “diminished ability of the body to fight infection, increasing vulnerability to transmissible diseases. Anemic expectant mothers face the risk of death resulting from stress of labor or after delivery complications.”

    The babies of severely anemic mothers suffer from low birth weight and risk of early death. Mental and motor development is impaired in anemic infants and children, resulting in apathy, inactivity and significant loss of cognitive abilities.  

    The good news!
    Getting a healthy dose of iron is easy if you look into the Filipino diet. Iron is abundant in liver, low-fat meat, fish, and eggs. Other good sources of heme include grains, legumes, and green, leafy vegetables. Iron supplements are also recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for infants, preschoolers, and the elderly.


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