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    You can now feel your uterus above your navel. As your uterus expands you may experience some discomfort or pain in your lower abdomen, this is normal and is usually attributed to the stretching of ligaments at the top of the uterus. But if you feel sharp or excruciating pain, let your doctor know.

    Stretch marks may make themselves noticeable now, showing up on your hips, thighs, lower abdomen, and breasts as you gain weight. Moisturizers and creams may make your skin feel better, but there is little else that can be done to prevent them from showing up.

    Expect that you will have a good appetite these days. But stay away from heavy, greasy, or spicy foods as these can contribute to heartburn. Continue to monitor your diet and eat healthy, nutritious meals that include plenty of vegetables and good sources of protein. And don’t forget to exercise! Not only does it help you keep healthy, gain energy, and alleviate stress, but your baby benefits from your movement too!

    You find yourself getting more and more involved with your baby as it grows inside you. If you already know the gender of your baby, you may want to start getting a few items with that in mind. If this is your first baby, consider making a list of things you will be needing like a crib, stroller, clothes, and diapers for a baby shower that a relative or close friends might plan for you!


    • Body, Soul, and Baby. A doctor’s guide to the complete pregnancy experience from preconception to postpartum by Tracy W. Gaudet, MD.

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