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  • 10 Companies Parents Would Love to Work For

    Here's a list of companies whose parental benefits offer a little extra for their new-parent employees
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    There are a few laws in place that help make life a little better for working moms in the Philippines. Statutory paid maternity leave for normal delivery is 60 days and it's 78 days for caesarean section. The "Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act" requires all health and non-health facilities to allot a lactation room for its employees. Sadly however, this isn't always followed by employers. If these still seem lacking and you're looking for additional parental benefits, these companies can make the start of your parenthood journey a little bit easier:

    1. Transcom Philippines


    Transcom Philippines


    Photo from transcom.com

    About the company: Transcom Worldwide is an outsourcing company that handles credit reports, collection, billing and factoring.  It has offices all over the world including the U.S., Canada, U.K. In the Philippines, Transcom offices can be found in Iloilo, Bacolod, Mandaluyong and Pasig. 
    Parental benefits offered:
    At their Pasig site, the Philippines' first 24/7 childcare center can be found: a facility where its employees can drop off their children while their moms and dads are busy working. Due to its success, earlier this year, they also built a second one at their Mandaluyong office.

    2. Rachel Zoe

    Rachel Zoe's office nursery

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    Photo from thezoereport.com

    About the company: Rachel Zoe is an American fashion stylist. Earlier this year, five of her staffers became first-time moms.

    Parental benefits offered: Rachel Zoe has built a nursery (pictured above) right in their office for her new-mom staffers. “I wanted to create an environment where these new moms wouldn’t have to make a choice between career and motherhood,” she wrote in a blog post.

    3. Vodafone



    Photo from telegraph.co.uk

    About the company:
    Vodafone Group Plc is a telecommunications company that operates in 30 countries worldwide.
    Parental benefits offered: For all its women employees in all its offices, Vodafone offers 16 weeks of fully- paid maternity leave. Plus, for six months after their return to work, mothers will be working 30-hours a week and still get full-time pay and benefits.

    4. Nestlé



    Photo from finweek.info

    About the company:
    Nestlé is a Swiss food and beverage company that has sites in close to 200 countries.

    Parental benefits offered: For all of its employees across the world, it offers 14 weeks of paid parental leave and an additional 12 weeks of unpaid leave for primary caregivers. This is stated in their new "Maternity Protection Policy" revealed last June which  also includes: employment protection, flexible working hours and guaranteed access to breastfeeding rooms. All of its offices will have implemented the new policy by 2018, according to the company.

    5. IBM



    Photo by hugovk/Flickr

    About the company: The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology and consulting company.
    Parental benefits offered: IBM launched a service last July that ships a breastfeeding mom's milk, whenever she's away on a business trip, to her baby with the shipping expenses shouldered by the company. Unfortunately, the service is only available for its U.S.-based employees.

    6. Netflix



    Photo by Helge Thomas/Flickr

    About the company:
    Netflix is an American company that provides on-demand media streaming via the internet.

    Parental benefits offered: In August this year, the company decided to offer unlimited parental leave to its employees.  What's more, the unlimited leave comes with full pay. Unfortunately, the offer only applies to its U.S. employees.

    7. Microsoft



    Photo by TechStage/Flickr

    About the company: Microsoft Corporation is a champion in the software industry. It is founded by Bill Gates, the current richest man in the world as crowned by Forbes.

    Parental benefits offered: Microsoft r ecently expanded its parental benefits to 12 weeks of fully-paid parental leave plus an additional eight weeks of unpaid leave for mothers. Expectant moms also get two weeks of leave before the delivery date, totaling 22 weeks of leave for mothers if they choose to take advantage of all the available weeks for parental leave. The expanded benefits only apply to its U.S. office. What's even better news is that the company is currently reviewing the benefits in Microsoft offices all over the world.

    8. Adobe

    Adobe Systems Inc.


    Photo from wordlypost.in

    About the company:
      Adobe Systems Incorporated is a major software company known for media editing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere
    Parental benefits offered: Recently updated, Adobe's parental benefits now includes up to six months of parental leave to its new-mom employees. The 26 weeks is a combination of 10 paid weeks of medical leave and 16 paid weeks of parental leave. U.S. employees will be able to use their new privileges by November this year as the company only expanded their parental benefits a few days after Microsoft.

    9. Accenture Philippines



    Photo by Michael Gray/Flickr

    About the company:
    Accenture Inc. is a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Most of Accenture offices in the Philippines handle business process outsourcing (BPO).

    Parental benefits offered: As of September 1 this year, Accenture now offers 120 days of paid maternity leave,  twice the length that Philippine law mandates. Other benefits the company is currently offering its new-parent employees are: adoption leaves, lactation breaks, and a maternity care education program.

    10. KKR & Co.

    About the company:
    KKR &  Co. is an American multinational private equity firm, specializing in leveraged buyouts.

    Parental benefits offered: The firm has recently expanded its paid parental leave to 16 weeks from its previous 12 weeks. It’s now also letting baby and nanny fly with mom or dad on business trips with the additional expenses paid for by KKR. Talk about luxury!

    Know other companies that should be included in this list? Let us know by commenting below.

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