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  • Reasons to Call Your Health Care Provider Immediately:

        1. Fever of over 100.4°F
        2. Severe headache that begins right after birth and does not let up in intensity
        3. Sudden onset of pain in the abdominal area, such as tenderness or burning
        4. Foul smell from vaginal discharge
        5. Sudden onset of pain in the incision area that can include a pus discharge
        6. Swollen, red, painful area in the leg
        7. Burning urination or blood in the urine
        8. Appearance of rash or hives
        9. Extremely heavy bleeding that soaks a maxi pad within an hour or the passing of large clots
        10. Sore, red, painful area on the breasts that may be accompanied by flu-like symptoms
        11. Feeling anxious, panicky, and/or depressed


        Teresa Bonga:la, ob-gynecologist, St. Luke’s Hospital
        Websites: ; ;


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