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  • 4 Postnatal Tips For Getting in Shape

    One of the first things a mom thinks of after giving birth is how to getting back in shape. Here are some quick tips on what to immediately do postpartum.
    by Katherine Eustaquio .
  • For the past nine months, spandex and flats have been your way of life.  Pregnancy and giving birth are two of the most amazing experiences for a woman.  However, after giving birth and seeing the big changes on your body without your big belly, self-esteem issues pop in and you’d want to get your pre-pregnancy shape back…pronto.

    Unfortunately, it’s not an overnight thing.  It takes time, commitment, and faith.  Here are a few postnatal tips on how to get your shape back:

    Tighten your tummy with Breastfeeding
    When you breastfeed , your stomach muscles and uterus contract, making your tummy tighter and smaller.  Aside from being the best choice for newborn babies, breast milk is free.  Just make sure you are getting your daily calcium needs through a high-calcium diet.

    Say No to Low-calorie Diets
    After giving birth, your body will feel like it had been shaken really badly—your hormones will be zooming all over the place.  You body will start to feel the fatigue that comes from the loss of blood during delivery and the sleepless nights.

    The first six months postpartum is not an ideal time to lower your calorie intake.  The body needs to replace lost nutrients and you need the energy to last the whole day, especially now that you have a baby to take care of.

    Load up on the healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables, instead of calorie-laden sweets likes donuts and cakes that taste sweet today, but will take permanent residence on certain parts of your postnatal body tomorrow.

    Get Physically Active Slowly
    The operative word here is ‘slowly.’  Don’t risk your health by joining an aerobics class two weeks into giving birth.  Start by walking around the house to stretch your leg muscles.  You can also take a walk around the village while pushing the baby stroller.  Taking it slow will give your body time to adapt to more physical activities .




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