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4 Things You May Not Know You Needed to Do Before D-Day
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    You’ve been looking forward to this day for months, but now that it’s fast approaching, you’re biting your nails, having anxiety dreams, and maybe even scared out of your mind. The question on your mind: What else do you need to do? 

    Moms who have been there share what worked for them to brush away the worries. These things may not have crossed your mind yet--but can actually help you--before D-day. Happy birthing!

    1. Print several copies of your birth plan
    With all your birthing documents such as your PhilHealth and SSS requirements, you also need to make copies of your hospital paper and your birth plan. “Write down your birth plan with all the information that [your medical team] will need once you’re wheeled into the delivery room,” advises Cathleen Capati, mom to Alonso Davi, 4 months. “That way, you'll avoid repeating the same information to different people in the middle of contractions!”

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    2. Treat yourself with a day with the girls.
    Do something that relaxes you Myla Santiago, mom to Sebastian, 6 months, says, “Days before I gave birth, I had a foot massage and had my hair and nails done.” You can also get a haircut, too, to prep for those new mom-and-baby photos. Mom Eileen Monica Moldogo, mom to Sarah Danielle, 6, and Leia Alexi, 1, adds, “Stop surfing the Internet. Instead, walk, relax, talk to your baby, and go on a date with the hubby.” Mom Eileen also suggests something simple but effective: “Take a relaxing shower, as you wouldn’t be able to do so for at least two days in the hospital.”

    3. Stock your pantry.
    “Because it will be difficult to step out the first weeks after giving birth,” explains Marga Llanera-Alaguia, mom to Andi, 4 months. It’s true, you might not have time to cook and do all the home management stuff you used to because you’ll be busy attending to your newborn. You can ask family and friends to send you food, but it would be the girl-scout thing to do to keep your pantry stocked for times when you need to grab a quick snack to boost your energy.

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    4. Pack these things you didn’t think you need, but you do!

    • Dry shampoo to keep your locks smelling fresh and clean even without a shower!
    • Shawl, shrug, or cardigan to cover up that boring hospital gown with something pretty when guests arrive.
    • Concealer and lip-and-cheek tint to primp you for photos--no need to get all dolled up, but a little color will add to your new mommy glow.
    • Lip balm to prevent your lips from chapping in the dry hospital air.
    • Nipple cream—yes, start applying this early to protect your nipples from soreness.
    • Music player and speakers to soothe you--just plug and play.
    • Stress ball to allow you to release the tension and anxiety, or play catch with your hubby while waiting for the baby to come.
    • Laptop that is loaded with movies and TV shows, this is your best form of entertainment.
    • Mirror for taking a quick peek to see if you look decent for your visitors.
    • Camera to capture these moments forever
    • Extra-long phone charger cable or a power bank so you can continue to reply to the overwhelming well-wishes from your hospital bed—without your phone dying on you.

    What "extra" preparation did you do or essentials did you bring for your D-day? Let us know in the comments below!

     A version of this article appeared in the September 2015 issue of Smart Parenting magazine.  

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