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  • The big event has come and gone—you happily popped the baby out and all is well, life is a hallmark card as you soak in the joy of being a new mom—until you see the still big belly…and all the weight that you still have to lose so you can return to your old pre-preggo figure. So you vow to lose them—yes—easier said than done, right? Of course, it can be quite a challenging and daunting task! But with these top postnatal weight loss tips, you will be well on your way to your prenatal figure.
    1. DON’T STRESS - For the first two months it should be all about you and the baby—your body just went through major trauma—let it rest for a bit. Enjoy the time (and well—all the sleepless nights) with baby. Remember, everyone is adjusting—you, your family, the baby as well as your body—to the new schedule and all the changes. Freaking out about your weight shouldn’t even be on the list of things you have to worry about.
    2. DON’T “DIET” – So no—don’t do the South Beach, no Atkins, no cabbage or whatever other new-fangled too-restrictive diets—especially during the first two months after birth. Don’t deprive yourself too much at this time to ensure a stable milk supply for the baby. EAT HEALTHY though, and portion properly.
    3. NO SUGAR – Cut out all sugary sweet things from your meals including soft drinks—even diet drinks. You can do this immediately upon coming home from the hospital. Instead, eat fruits if you really need the sweet-fix. Better yet—don’t buy anything unhealthy. If it isn’t readily accessible at home, chances are you won’t be eating them at all.
    4. REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT A MOVIE STAR - Don’t compare yourself to the movie stars and how they lose weight quickly. Remember, they have lipo and tummy tucks as their best friends, have personal trainers and home gyms as well as access to round the clock chefs and nutritionists and a fleet of nannies. Believe me when I say that their post-birth-weight-loss-experiences are NOT the norm.        
    5. TAKE YOUR TIME – I know this is a used and abused line but it makes so much sense—it took nine months to gain all that weight, it should take about nine months to lose it. Any faster isn’t healthy.
    Good luck and congratulations!

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