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  • preggy belly with ribbonDiscovering I was pregnant with my 3rd child was a “little earthquake”  (to quote Tori Amos) experience and coping with it is actually another article on this site. There was happiness, confusion, anticipation, excitement, outright fear—even advance longing for soon-to-be-gone-ME-time! Haha.

    Now that my son is six months old—I will share the top three things I learned during my third pregnancy. Hopefully, it can help ease the apprehensions that other soon-to-be-third-time mommies are (I’M SO SURE) experiencing right now.


    1)       Every pregnancy really is different – As is every infant that pops out. The third time was the easiest for me: no morning sickness or fatigue; hardly any weight gain; no new stretch marks (Yehey!) and I experienced labor for the first time; and my son, Lucas is the most laid back, low maintenance infant I’ve ever had the pleasure of giving birth to—as compared to his more “showbiz” but equally lovable older sisters.



    2)       I’m apparently a more confident mom! That was news to me….And I suddenly realized this because, just like all second and third time moms, we now know what baby really needs gear-wise! Sounds lame but upon leaving the hospital, I just had a tiny knapsack and my arms to carry him with.  At the same time there was a first time mom checking her baby out with a cart of all her baby gear and 2 baby bags! A part of me giggled because I totally saw myself the first time around—armed to the teeth with paraphernalia and not exactly sure of what the hell I was going to do with my daughter once I left the hospital and got home.


    3)       Babies really are a universal source of love, joy and humor—no matter what happens. I got teased mercilessly by close relatives and friends with jokes about libido on hyper-drive  for 9 months;  I saw joy and received honest good wishes from random people like salesgirls, the taho vendor, etc, when they saw my big belly. And I am still moved by the love my two daughters, Bianca and Kate, already felt for their, then, in-utero—and now out in the world—little brother, Lucas.


    So, to other moms who are on their second or third pregnancies: don’t worry. This pregnancy may be different from your other pregnancies but you’ll be a pro. It’s true what they say: you end up relying on all your stock knowledge—and there’ll be a lot to pick from.

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