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'I Had Similar Sensations To An Orgasm,' This Mom Says She Had A ‘Pleasurable’ Birthing Experience
  • Most parents can agree that one of the most painful and nerve-wracking experiences they can go through is childbirth. 

    From the onset of labor, to waiting for the waves of contraction, until the time of delivery - the level of pain only goes from level 1 to level 10. 

    A survey done by American Society Of Anesthesiologists' noted the pain level women experience during labor and childbirth. The most common description of the level of pain experienced was extreme menstrual cramps (45%), while 16% said it was like bad back pain and 15% compared it to a broken bone.

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    However, a Canadian woman broke all survey results and said she had a pleasurable childbirth experience, almost similar to having orgasms.

    Hanna Faustino, 36, said, “During birth, I surrendered my mind to my body, and I had similar sensations to an orgasm. It was really natural to push, and the contractions didn’t feel as painful. I had this fullness, and I didn’t want the feeling to stop.”

    Her story first appeared in a report by the Southwest News Service carried by The New York Post, and made quite the stir due to its uniqueness. 

    She shared that it was not her first childbirth, as she gave birth to her eldest son, River, nine years ago. It was not as pleasant as her recent childbirth as she had to endure a long and agonizing labor process.

     "It was harder than a marathon and I’ve run many," Faustino said, using her first childbirth experience as a lesson not to go through it again. 


    She then contacted birth coach Jannine Markou and entered her famous prenatal yoga classes that famously help women prepare for pain-free labor.

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    Markou teaches her clients to use movement, toning and breathing exercises in their birth classes. She said, “If you allow birthing hormones to work for you, then a woman can come into a state of bliss or ‘labor land’’.

    “The pain is then not so intense because the endorphins are flowing and there is no fear,” she added. 

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    “It’s said they [the endorphins] are 10 times stronger than morphine if you can get that working for you,” Markou continued to share the secret to pain-free labor.

    Faustino finished her classes with Markou, and in 2015, at the comforts of their home, she gave birth to her daughter Kaiya.

    She recalled their birthing experience with fondness, “I was in a squat in my bedroom and the lights were dim,” adding her husband was on hand to support her.

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    “I found a rhythm of breathing, and it was really natural to push. The contractions didn’t feel as painful,” she continued to share. 

    She also said that in order to help her go through labor and delivery, she “visualized” each contraction as a “wave bringing my baby closer to me.”

    “It wasn’t the same as an orgasm, but it was a really profound moment and one I’ll never forget. It was a blessing,” Faustino said.

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    Blessed with a third child, Faustino gave birth in 2018 and described it as “trouble-free” and “beautiful.” Although it wasn’t as orgasmic as her second childbirth, it was still pleasant.

    Faustino thanked Markou and her prenatal yoga classes, which helped her have smooth second and third child labors, "A birth always has surprises. But by working on breathing and trust you can achieve a wonderful birth outlook.”

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