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  • Divine Lee At Risk Of Placenta Accreta: ‘If It’s Between Life And My Uterus, Take It Out!’

    “I am so scared. I have two kids, it’s pandemic, maselan pa to.”
    by Maria Pilapil .
Divine Lee At Risk Of Placenta Accreta: ‘If It’s Between Life And My Uterus, Take It Out!’
PHOTO BY Instagram/divinemlee
  • Back in July 2021, Divine Lee-Go was rushed to the hospital due to placenta previa, a pregnancy complication that occurs when “a baby's placenta partially or totally covers the mother's cervix.”

    In her latest vlog, the influencer shared more pregnancy updates, saying that she is still on bed rest due to her delicate and high-risk pregnancy. She also revealed the possibility that she might have placenta accreta

    According to MayoClinic, placenta accreta is a serious pregnancy condition that occurs when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. It can lead to severe blood loss after delivery as part or all of the placenta remains attached to the uterine wall.

    The mom of two explains, “It’s very dangerous. It means that yung placenta mo, dumikit. Kasi diba kapag nanganak ka, lalabas yung baby tapos lalabas yung placenta. So hindi makakalabas yung placenta [with placenta acreeta].”

    While the doctors still need to rule it out, Divine says she doesn't feel any pain, or anything unusual that would indicate that she have placenta accreta. However, if she is confirmed to have it, there is a possibility that her uterus will be removed. 


    “I’m not a doctor, but from how I understood it, the choice is, either close it out, wait for it to detach, then open me up again to take it out. Or, they have to take out my uterus,” she shares.

    Just the thought of taking out your uterus can strike the biggest fear in any woman who wants children, and Divine is no exception. She realizes that even with the sad fact that this could be an option, she is still very blessed to have other options to have kids.

    Divine had her eggs frozen at the age of 24 and her three pregnancies were done through IVF or in vitro fertilization. (Read about it here.) She is mom to Baz and Blanca, and plans to have five kids in total.

    “I have two other embryos, and I have to do that via surrogacy,” she muses, “Kaya ko pang itawa, beause I still see the good in it, at least I have kids. At least meron akong choice for surrogacy. Mas mahal nga lang, and it’s not allowed in the Philippines.”

    Divine, who was around her 30th week at the time of filming, says that she didn’t sulk about her condition, but she is scared.

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    “I can’t sulk, I have to live with it. All moms would understand that anything for the baby is doable,” she says, “With this one, I am so scared. I have two kids, it’s pandemic, maselan pa to.”

    They will know if she has placenta accreta for sure during her next ultrasound. Divine's due date is lined up in late October via Cesarean section.

    “In that ultrasound, they’ll see if I would have to have an MRI. They’ll see the real situation,” she explains.

    Divine still counts herself as one of the lucky ones, considering that she has dependable doctors to take care of her. She says, “People have bled to death because of placenta accreta… with anyone who has this sort of problem, ang importante talaga is that you trust your doctor. You trust them with your life!

    “I tell them, ‘Whatever happens doc, always remember that I have two kids waiting for me at home. If it’s between life and my uterus, gosh take it out! Nagamit na siya well!”


    If you’re currently pregnant like Divine, remember to always go to your regular checkups so that you can be monitored well and have a safe, healthy delivery. 

    Watch the full video of Divine's vlog here.

    Click here for everything that you need to know about the placenta.

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